Marlo Mortel shares his mother’s battle with cancer

Marlo Mortel shares his mother’s battle with cancer-Joan Leary
Joan Leary


06/28/2017 04:27 AM
Marlo Mortel shares his mother’s battle with cancer
Marlo Mortel, who has not been very vocal about his struggles in life, couldn’t take it anymore and finally spilled his feelings on Instagram. The singer-actor shared that his mother has been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in 2014. “I am quiet when it comes to my family, but these past few months' been really hard for us. Back in 2014, My Mom was diagnosed with Stage 3 #BreastCancer. Last december she had to do a Lung Operation and then this, [sic] just recently she went through an Open Heart Surgery because there's a huge cyst that needs to be removed or else her heart will fail,” he wrote.

He continued, “We're thankful that it was successfully removed but tests revealed that her Cancer is now at Stage 4. My mom is still recovering from the surgeries and has no voice but she needs to face another set of treatments again so Lord please give her strength. You are definitely a fighter mommy, and Me & Daddy will fight with you all the way. I'll keep working extra hard for us and we will get through this ok? Nothing is impossible with Jesus. I love you so much! #fightcancer #pray #staystrong.”