'Reset,' pang-Hollywood ang ganda

'Reset,' pang-Hollywood ang ganda-PUSH TEAM


06/21/2017 04:19 AM
'Reset,' pang-Hollywood ang ganda

When China became the major location in the last "Transformers" movie, and the Chinese astronauts saved the day for Matt Damon in "The Martian," the message is clear: China is taking on Hollywood, and they are doing it as fast as they can. Now, China takes the biggest leap to become the new global Hollywood by taking on a distinctively Hollywood subject with the same budget and effects. New Clues Film, Huoerguosi Jaywalk Film and Media, Beijing Sparkle Roll Media, August Entertainment, Beijing Ent365 Culture Media’s “Reset” gives a new spin to the "Minority Report"-type stories of crime-busting with time travel. And who else to produce it but China's biggest entertainment export, Jackie Chan himself.

Set in the near hi-tech future, "Reset" follows Xia Tian (played by China superstar Yang Mi), a young mother who just cracked the problem of time travel. Terrorists headed by Tsui Hu (Taiwanese heartthrob Wallace Huo in a career-shifting role) kidnap her son, and demand that she hand over the time travel formula capsule as ransom, or else her son will be killed. Xia Tian is forced to steal the capsule, only to have her son still killed by the heartless terrorists. In an ingenious original twist, the heroine will now have to go back in time, up to the time when her son is alive, in order to save him.

What follows is a heart-stopping action adventure with exploding skyscapers, car stunts, mind-blowing special effects, and stylish combats as only a perfectionist Producer like Jackie Chan can do. Add to that several unpredictable twists even sci-fi cineastes cannot predict, and Reset gets the Chinese movie community abuzz weeks before its release.

"Reset" may be the last of the big-budget, high-gloss actioner from China in a while. This is a Chinese production but aided by a big Korean crew, giving the movie a unique Korean feel. But with the recent chilling of relations between the two countries, "Reset" becomes a rare cinematic event of its kind.

Reset is directed by Chang and is released in the Philippines by Jackie Chan's favored releasing arm, Star Cinema. It opens in Philippine cinemas this June 28.