What did Paulo Avelino, Gerald Anderson, Darren Espanto’s dads say to them about being in showbiz?

What did Paulo Avelino, Gerald Anderson, Darren Espanto’s dads say to them about being in showbiz?-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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06/18/2017 01:14 PM
What did Paulo Avelino, Gerald Anderson, Darren Espanto’s dads say to them about being in showbiz?


For Father’s Day, PUSH asked some celebrities what was the best advice they’ve gotten from their dads. Read on and pick up some valuable advice for yourself

Paulo Avelino

“The best advice from my dad maybe is just about being true to yourself and not trying to be something you’re not if that makes sense.”

Gerald Anderson

“Just be yourself. Enjoy the journey. Huwag mo kalimutan yung sarili mo. Minsan kasi may mga sitwasyon sa buhay natin na parang tinatanong natin kung kaya natin lagpasan ito but always believe na kaya mo.”

Darren Espanto

“I guess it would not be just from my dad but both my parents. They said to me to remain humble and ‘kapag lumaki ulo mo tatadyakan kita!’ hindi joke lang (laughs). Pero ganun yung parents ko, they like to keep me grounded. They never changed kahit after ng The Voice they still treat me the same as well. So I guess that’s the best advice I’ve ever gotten from my dad.”

Nik Quistina

“Not just my dad but my parents they advised me to be more out there and to be better than what I’m doing. And also always be true to who you are and never let anyone let you down. That’s the best advice that I’ve gotten.”

Maricar Reyes

“Paulit-ulit niyang sinasabi na aim for something higher like if you aim for stars or the sky, if you fall you’ll just fall on a roof. Pero if you don’t set your goals too high, if you fall mas mababa siya, parang ganun? I liked that kasi in a way he was subtly pushing me to improve myself.”

Barbie Imperial

Siguro natutunan ko na lang from my father since he left us, siguro yung maging strong mag-isa since wala ako dad and mas maging responsible kasi hindi ibig sabihin na wala kang dad magiging irresponsible ka na. So you have to be responsible and kailangan mo ingatan ang sarili mo.

Alex Diaz

“My dad gives me great advice everyday. The problem is hindi ako nakikinig (laughs). I only learn it myself in the end and I say, ‘Tama ka pala dad.’ Pero yung best advice of my dad is he says things like ‘Opinions are like a******* James (Alex’s full name is James Alexander Diaz McDermott), everyone’s got one but not everyone wants to see them (laughs).’ That’s something my dad taught me.”

Kakai Bautista

Yung tatay ko kasi tahimik lang yun eh. Pagka nagagalit siya cool lang magalit. Hindi kasi siya masalita. Minsan kasi mas pinakikinggan mo yung tahimik eh kesa sa maraming sinasabi. So yun lang. Marami din akong natutunan sa kanya. Yung huwag masyadong masungit. Siya lang puwede maging masungit, ganun. Huwag kakalimutan yung mga kaibigan na kasama mo dati nung wala ka pa. Yung mga ganung simpleng mga bagay. Kasi pag yung magulang mo ang nagsabi sa ‘yo iba yun eh kaysa pag sinabi ng ibang tao. Father’s day na so sa magiging tatay ng anak ko in the future, nasaan ka na po? (Na-traffic ka po ba? Anong petsa na po? (laughs)’”

Vanessa Matsunaga

“My dad is such an amazing father. He taught us so many lessons it’s hard to name just one only but I think the thing that he always repeated to us is that no matter if you’re having a bad day or not, if somebody treated you bad, don’t pass it on. Like always treat everybody with dignity and kindness and compassion even if you’re having a bad day. Because it’s not their fault. It’s nobody’s fault. So he always repeated that for us. I think that’s the greatest lesson.”

Martin Del Rosario

Yung dad ko lagi niyang sinasabi na always be humble and basta sa lahat ng mga achievements and successes mo you always have to stay humble. Kasi ang dad ko tahimik lang yun eh, very humble din yun. Quiet lang si papa.”

Helga Krapf

“Actually madami eh. Pero yung dad ko kasi very supportive lang siya. Kung ano yung gusto mo, papakinggan ka niya. Hindi niya sasabihin na you can’t do this or you can’t do that, ganyan. Papakinggan niya yung side mo before he decides. So as a father dahil parang ikaw yung superhero ng mga kids mo, you also have to listen to your kids para you know what they want and you can ell them what you want so you can meet halfway. I think that’s how my dad raised me.”