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Piolo Pascual remains reluctant about entering politics

Piolo Pascual recently became an Optical Media Board ambassador.

Piolo Pascual remains reluctant about entering politics-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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06/17/2017 10:28 AM
Piolo Pascual remains reluctant about entering politics


While many celebrities of the same status have branched out into politics, Piolo Pascual maintained that he would rather stay in show business in order to further his advocacies.

One of his advocacies is preventing all forms of piracy as the newest Optical Media Board ambassador.

During his contract signing with the OMB representatives including the department’s chairman Atty. Anselmo Adriano, Piolo was teased by the press to reveal if he agreed to the position pro bono.

“This is just an advocacy for me. ‘Yung mga ganitong causes naman talagang hindi mo na kailangang pagisipan,” he said. “To be tapped by this agency is a privilege for me already. Not just by being an ambassador of ABS-CBN but also of the film industry—in general.”

Since OMB is a government agency, the Ultimate Heartthrob was asked if he’s now ready to be a public servant.

“I don’t think so,” he said.

Piolo underscored that for him, what matters at the moment is being able to protect the content and output of his fellow artists.

“And being a businessman myself, ito na siguro ‘yung pwedeng maging advocacy ko in this business because it’s important for us to raise awareness using your celebrity status and your social media accounts,” he explained.

Apparently, Piolo’s son Iñigo is also a huge supporter of the Anti-Piracy campaign.

“… Because hindi lang naman ito for film and TV, even for musicians like himself. So it’s also important for him to have protection for his product and content, because he’s also a composer,” Piolo explained.

The esteemed actor hopes to be able to inculcate to the younger generation that respect should be given to any product of hard work.

“You know kids nowadays are into streaming, they want something free. But when you realize that what you do is done out of hard work and you shell out money, parang you get to appreciate more the value of people’s hard work and people’s view on what is legal and what is not,” he explained.

Speaking of his son and being a father, Piolo is finally returning to Maalala Mo Kaya this weekend as he breathes life to the role of Ryan, the father in the viral photo at a fastfood restaurant just in time for Father’s Day.

“I tried my best to look and act like him. For Father’s Day ang sarap ipakita sa tao na may mga tao pa rin talaga na very noble ang pagkatao. Na no matter the kind of trouble that they go through, very positive pa rin and that’s what I saw in Ryan,” he said.

That said, Piolo made sure to give his best for the said episode.

Pinilit ko talagang ibigay ‘yung pwede kong ibigay as a father, as an actor, and as a human being for people to realize na ano man ang circumstance natin sa buhay, it’s important na mahalin natin ang buhay at ang responsibility natin bilang tatay,” Piolo said.

“It’s the kind of episode that would expose the kind of heart that most fathers have. It’s realizing that being a father is not just a responsibility but it’s actually a gift,” he ended.