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EXCLUSIVE: Netizen defends Angel Locsin on Marawi visit

A non-Angel Locsin fan thanks the actress for her charity work.

EXCLUSIVE: Netizen defends Angel Locsin on Marawi visit-Leo Bukas
Leo Bukas

Twitter: @leobukas


06/15/2017 10:25 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Netizen defends Angel Locsin on Marawi visit


Tahimik na ang mga bashers ni Angel Locsin sa social media na nambatikos sa ginawang pagdalaw ng aktres sa mga evacuees na nabiktima ng giyera sa Marawi City.

Matatandaan na kamakailan lang ay sikretong sumama si Angel sa relief operation ng Rural Missionaries of the Philippines (RMP) sa Mindanao para mag-abot ng tulong.

Sa tindi ng pamba-bash noon kay Angel ay kaagad siyang ipinagtanggol ng film producer na nali-link din sa kanya na si Neil Arce. Sa Facebook account ito ay sinagot niya ang pinost ng isang basher na “When you do charity, do it quietly.”

Ngayon ay tahimik na ang FB account ni Neil. Pero may mangilan-ngilang post siyang isini-share mula sa netizens na nagbibigay-pugay sa ginawa ni Angel.

Tulad na lang ng letter para kay Angel ng netizen na si Bella Jane from Mindanao na aminadong hindi kailanman naging fan ng aktres.

Ito ang kabuohan ng sulat:

“Angel Locsin,

“I don't know if you'll get to read this or not. But, I need to write this. Not to put you more in the spotlight but to shed light to what you made me realize.

“Let me start this by saying that I was never your fan. I knew of how great your acting prowess were with top rated series to beat. I've heard of your philanthropic deeds—from Ondoy, to Yolanda and even to your Mindanao visits. The ones you did in silence. You were there visiting areas in Mindanao for the sole reason that you wanted to get rid of your own biases and hear stories of Mindanaons yourself. This happened even before this Marawi crisis took place. You did all of these in the absence of any title given to you. You were not a part of the UN food program or a UNICEF ambassador. Surely, this is not just a promo ad or of you gaining the spotlight. And yet, despite knowing everything, it wasn't enough for me to notice how great you are as a person nor as an actress of influence.

“Not until Marawi.

“Oh girl, you had me there. I was caught off guard. Unaware of your magnanimity. I saw you in a different light, a lot brighter this time. I began to realize your true worth and saw how different, emboldened you are to other actresses of your kind. I saw pictures of you from media outlets clad in hijab, void of any make up and being one with local communities there. I then said this to myself, ‘Atta girl’, heaved a sigh and let that sudden onslaught of realizations—one after the other hit me like a stupid fool that I was. As someone born and raised in Mindanao, I had my own fair share of biases. And, I have never set foot to areas associated with danger. I've never been to Marawi, Lanao, even Pikit which is an area nearer to where my roots were. Those biases were brought to me by my father's protective stance, of him being a retired soldier who had experience firsthand what it was to fight a terror stricken Mindanao back in the 80's and 90's. Your act slammed that Mindanaon in me. Of why I can't do the same thing to my fellow Mindanaon too. Of why I can't get rid of my own biases.

“It was entirely different in your case. You lived under the glaring lenses, a glasshouse for celebrities. I am in awe of the beatings of your own heart. You redefined the meaning of what sexy and being beautiful is—unlike those stars I followed in Instagram. Stars who displayed their Cartier bracelets, posh travels, body showing swimsuits, OOTD's, series of lip pouting, leg showing and everything under the sun. Of stars who uses their influence to sing and dance for ‘trapo politicians’ just as long as they get paid and continue living their own selfish lives. Stars, who, in one way or the other, thinks that singing a jeje song of ‘Naseyo na ang lahat’ makes them the perfect voice in order for fans to support whoever they support—without rationality. An amount of money will do. Of stars who expresses their opinion to every national issue but are not doing anything, never even bothered to make a personal journey to see if their rightful opinion is the same as the reality in the ground. Stars who posts everything on IG when they did a single charitable act, smiling sweetly to the camera. Of stars bickering as to whether or not she wears an authentic D&G shirt. Enough to enumerate the superficiality in them.

“You redefined everything. And be that as it may, let me say this to you, a compliment or gratitude of some sort: ‘Ang tunay na maganda at sexy ay nasa Marawi.’

“To this day onwards, you got an admirer in me.

“Hanggang sa muli mong paglipad.”

Samantala, nakatanggap kami ng text ng pasasalamat mula kay Angel few days ago para sa sinulat namin dito sa PUSH.

Sa tanong namin kung may mensahe siya sa mga namba-bash sa kanya ay hindi na niya kami sinagot.