Claudia Barretto on coming from a family of stars: ‘I am not really pressured’

Claudia Barretto shares her journey to the music industry.

Claudia Barretto on coming from a family of stars: ‘I am not really pressured’-Kristhoff  Cagape
Kristhoff Cagape


06/15/2017 10:23 AM
Claudia Barretto on coming from a family of stars: ‘I am not really pressured’


It has always been Claudia Barretto’s dream to be a singer. The 17-year-old fast-rising musician recently released her first single “Stay,” which landed in the number 4 slot on Spotify Philippines’ Viral 50 Chart in its first week. Claudia confessed that she used to be a shy girl and that she needed to overcome it for her to kick-start her career as a singer.

 “Maybe when I was like five years old, I was already singing a lot. It was just [that] I could never really sing in front of many people, I could not even sing in front of my mom, my siblings, I was very shy. I’m still shy but I figured if I want it to work out, I have to be a little more confident,” she said.

She explained that her timidity was the reason why it took quite some time before she joined the industry. She shared, “For Julia (her sister) what happened is she was really young when she started and eventually she was tired and she wanted to go to school and everything and then she reached a certain age like 15 and 16, she realized it is really her passion. Like her, it was just really because I was shy growing up and as I grew older I realized that I wanted this more than my shyness, like, I want to overcome it and I want to do this, that’s why it took a while.”

 Coming from a family of stars, Claudia said that she does not pressure herself thinking she has big shoes to fill. “I think I just want to have fun with what I am doing because I like it anyway. I am having so much fun starting my career and being a singer. I am not really pressured to be like them. I just want to have fun while doing is,” she said. 

 Her family had some advice for her when she started her career as a musician. “I think it is just being true to myself because if you’re telling the truth anyway, you could never go wrong. There is really nothing to be afraid of if I am just speaking the truth and being myself, I can never go wrong,” she relayed.