Anne Curtis, Photographer

Anne Curtis, Photographer-Ann Manhit
Ann Manhit


05/09/2017 10:30 AM
Anne Curtis, Photographer

050917-Listerine_PUSH.jpgAnne has a world of possibilities open to her, and she’s bold enough to head out and explore each one. She and Erwan, her fiancé and travel buddy, have already been to at least 20 different countries across 5 continents! The couple have documented their adventures around the globe through photos and, in 2016, they released their first-ever travel diary.

The camera is Anne’s natural ally. After all, she has been in the industry since 1997. That’s a two-decade relationship right there! Looking at all the roles she has played, Anne proves that she is indeed game for anything. She has shown her versatility as an actress. She has proven to be an effective host, and quite a brave singer. Anne faces each challenge with a smile, daring the world to bring it on. After being in front of the camera for so long, Anne feels that she’s ready to take it to the next level, with her handling the controls and working behind the camera this time.

Of course, just like practically anyone who’s on social media these days, Anne has dabbled in amateur photography. Her bright smile peppers her social media accounts through selfies and other snapshots of her life. Just as Listerine Healthy White takes mouth health further, so does Anne take her photography skills into a more professional level.

Enter Smilebrity, her first photo exhibit. A simple smile holds a wealth of power and beauty, strength and class. Anne captures these in the smiles of her fellow smilebrities, those who are confident to face life with a beautiful smile as they claim their rightful place in the world. While the exhibit was supposed to be a private event reserved for family and friends, Anne couldn’t contain her excitement for long. She has recently shared her new venture on social media and invites everyone to share the moment with her online.

Join Anne and Listerine Healthy White in celebrating these smilebrities who aren’t afraid to seize the moment.

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