EXCLUSIVE: What is James Reid’s advice to his sister Lauren?

Lauren Reid says she is enjoying life in showbiz.

EXCLUSIVE: What is James Reid’s advice to his sister Lauren?-Kristhoff  Cagape
Kristhoff Cagape


05/08/2017 01:24 AM
EXCLUSIVE: What is James Reid’s advice to his sister Lauren?

Lauren Reid is making the most of out her journey in show business. Ever since she stepped in the entertainment industry, the fast rising star has been working hard on the opportunities entrusted to her.

“It’s going good. I am having a lot of fun. I am enjoying everything that I’m doing. I’m working a lot with friend which is fantastic. I guess everyone that you meet in the industry becomes a friend, hopefully,” she said in an interview with Push.com.ph at the LG G6 event.

It also helps her to get going that she receives advice from her brother James Reid on how to handle life in the spotlight. “He always tells me to always just be myself because people are going to love me for who I am,” she stated.

Now that she is a public figure like her brother, Lauren recognizes her responsibility to be a good influence to her fans and followers.

“I am just going to continue what I’m doing, opening discussions on health, fitness and people being very much themselves and I believe I am already doing that. I want other people to do the same and to be the best version of themselves.”

Lauren worked with James and Nadine Lustre for the recent issue of Mega Magazine. She remarked that JaDine represents the qualities of millennials.

“Those two really are the identity I believe of the millennials. We are the millennials, they are the millennials and they accurately depict who they are, the messages they embody, the morals they embody. I think is pretty awesome and interesting that Mega chose them and I think it is very appropriate that they chose them,” she said.