Celebrities congratulate relatives passing 2017 Bar Exams

Celebrities laud the new lawyers in their families.

Celebrities congratulate relatives passing 2017 Bar Exams-Jeff  Fernando
Jeff Fernando

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05/06/2017 08:57 AM
Celebrities congratulate relatives passing 2017 Bar Exams
050617-BarExams_PUSH.jpgKasabay ng maraming pamilya na nagse-celebrate dahil pumasa sa 2017 Bar Exams ang kanilang mahal sa buhay, ilan sa mga ito ay kamag anak ng kilalang celebrities.

Una na dyan ang kapatid ng former Ang TV at Home Along Da Riles star na si Maybelyn dela Cruz. Ipinagmalaki ni Maybelyn sa kanyang status na may abogado na sa kanilang pamilya.

"We have a new lawyer in the family - Congratulations Atty. Charlz Dela Cruz!!! We are so proud of you!!! ????"

Ang former actress na si Brenda del Rio, abot langit ang kasiyahan dahil abogado na ang panganay nila ni Tsong Joey Marquez na si Jowee Ann Marquez.

"How the promise became fulfilled!

Congratulations to my firstborn for passing the 2016 Bar Exams

Atty. Jowee Ann Dayot Jowee Ann Marquez"

Nag-post din ng mahabang pasasalamat si Jowee Ann sa kanyang Facebook account.

"Today I wake up victorious. Victorious because I have a great God who is full of grace, who is merciful, who is faithful, who is beyond comprehension, who has overcome!

..the long awaited ATTY before my name, has finally arrived, and it was Him who made it all possible, this is yet another bonus to the precious gift of being His daughter.

GOD took my broken dreams of being a lawyer and made it whole in His own perfect way, and own perfect time.

He made what seemed impossible to me, possible. He has given me more than what i deserve, more than I could ever imagine.

I go back to the day about five years ago, with my heart pounding unexplainably, knees shaking, asking God, "Really Lord, do you want me to die?" All throughout this journey, through the struggles and triumphs, He was with me. Even through bad days, when I made mistakes, He was with me, (and is still with me,) He never let me go.

As I look back, in every circumstance, He remained constant and unchanging. He was true to His word. Jesus, I give you all the glory and praise. This is your work. Thank you.

A special thank you to Brenda Del Rio, Izabella Marquez, Hazel Syhongpan, you were my lifelines more than most of the time. You remained my constants. The time, support and efforts you have given me-- your unconditional love to me, I dont deserve it.. but you gave it, more than you can humanly give sometimes!

Papa, thank you for making me stronger, who I am today, for pushing me to strive harder and higher in everything that I do. You have taught me lessons I never would have learned in a classroom. Thank you.

To Pastor Peter & Tita Deonna, I would have not started law school again without your support and encouragement. Thank you for believing in me when I, myself, did not. Thank you for being God's amazing blessings to me.

To my family, my second family my mentors, my teachers, my mother-in-LAW Gina Bibat-Palamos, my friends, Dean Ulan Sarmiento, my papa in law school, thank you. Thank you that you never gave up on me. Though the road to this was difficult you never left my side.

To my best friend, Mikhaella Puno, you saw me at the darkest point in law school, my lowest during the review and you know me more than i know myself sometimes. Alam ko minsan umiiyak ka na sa hirap kong intindihin, but you never left and gave your 100% support to me. Salamat.

Boom Manuel-Bayani, my BB, salamat sa long talks natin sa patio mo. They always re-calibrated me back to what mattered most. Thank you.

To all who have supported me throughout this journey, you are so many to tag, but you know who you are, I am so grateful for your love and support. When things became so rough, God gave me you to fuel me to strive harder and continue walking and trusting Him. God knows and sees your heart, I hope that God will use me mightily to bless you in return. I love you!

Butch Mossesgeld Jo Rimando Brenda Ngo Vilma Vitug Ramesh Tom Menghnani J Rachelle Paez Cholo Carlo Sevilla Gillian De Guzman Gerliz Marasigan CarlaBianca V. Ravanes Higham Luthgarda Santelices Dong-Lyn Venturanza Merlinda Barredo-Venturanza Sheelagh Venturanza Lane Apple Ali Gui Anthony Sy Maan De Guzman Elizabeth Dan Denise Cojuangco Tito Francis, Tita Princess, my CBO Family, my ahrc family, my ccf family, so many more..

And to all who have extended they congratulations to us, thanking you all from the bottom of my heart." Pagtatapos ni Jowee Ann.