Alex Diaz explains why he and James Reid were once enemies: ‘We used to hate each other’

Alex Diaz talks about being close friends with Jadine.

Alex Diaz explains why he and James Reid were once enemies: ‘We used to hate each other’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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05/31/2017 12:28 PM
Alex Diaz explains why he and James Reid were once enemies: ‘We used to hate each other’

It’s been four months since he started preparing for his role as a newspaper hawker in the upcoming stage adaptation of the Disney movie and Broadway play Newsies and Alex Diaz admitted he is excited about his new role. “I play Racetrack Higgins and he is sort of second in command. He’s one of the older newsies. He’s just a gambling sarcastic newsie. We’ve been training four months and seven hours a day for dance and then for two months we did two hours additional on Tuesdays and Thursdays of gymnastics. So everyone lost weight (laughs). We still have two months of training to go,” he shared during the Newsies press launch held last May 3 in Taguig city.

With two more months to go before the show opens in July at the BGC ampitheater, Alex said he still tries to make time for his closest friends in showbiz including James Reid, Nadine Lustre, and Keana and Gab Valenciano. “We always find time. What we’ve learned especially from growing into adults is that the most important thing for us is to find time for our friends so whether it be out of the country or in the country talagang we make time. So minsan ‘pag may mga negative feedback yung mga fans, we’ll continue to live our life as family outside of showbiz. So we’ll definitely make time for that. I think they’re all going to come watch Newsies nga eh. Especially with Jadine, the fans are so concerned about Jadine as a team and they forget that they have a life outside of their career. Like all of us, we’re all subject to the public eye but we also have a personal life,” he explained.

When asked what he thinks of people who still question if the Jadine love team is real, Alex said he is confident his friends already know how to handle the issue. “Of course I’m sure they appreciate it because it just means that people care. but at the end of the day it’s none of their business kung real man sila or hindi. Kami lang naman nakakakita ng private moments nila so kahit sabihin naming real sila they don’t have to prove anything,” he said.

Not a lot of people know that Alex and James practically have known each other their whole lives and even clashed with each other at one point. “My dad and James’s dad have known each other for 40 years. Me and James actually used to be enemies. We used to hate each other. And then one day we were just stuck in a room and we started talking and from then on we were just really good friends,” he added.

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