Have Bianca Manalo and Fabio Ide called it quits?

Bianca Manalo even visited Fabio Ide’s hometown in Brazil early this year


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5/28/2017 9:23 AM
Have Bianca Manalo and Fabio Ide called it quits?


Netizens couldn’t help but wonder if Bianca Manalo and Fabio Ide are still together.

The netizens’ curiosity stems from the observation that the two no longer post photos of themselves together.

The couple were quite active and vocal about expressing their love for each other on social media in the past.

The two last posted a photo of themselves together almost months ago.

The Brazilian model posted a photo of himself and Bianca together with their friends in what appeared to be a party 10 weeks ago.

While Bianca, who has been to a number of events both personal and professional, last shared a photo of herself and Fabio 16 weeks ago.

Prior to the aforementioned posts, the couple had shared photos of their trip to Brazil on their respective accounts.

Bianca went public about her relationship with the model-actor in 2015.