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Iya Villania gives advice to millennial parents: ‘Kapit lang kayo’

Iya Villania shares the challenges of raising her baby boy Primo.

Iya Villania gives advice to millennial parents: ‘Kapit lang kayo’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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05/26/2017 10:14 AM
Iya Villania gives advice to millennial parents: ‘Kapit lang kayo’


After her first Mother’s Day celebration this year, Iya Villania admitted she really looks forward to bonding with baby Primo during the early hours of the day. “Yung early in the morning na manggigising siya or maghahanap siya ng puwesto. Minsan dito pa sa kili-kili ko yung puwesto na gusto niya. Feeding time also we also enjoy that. Normally kapag bagong gising talaga. Ang sarap sarap talaga every time he wakes up from a good nap. Sasalubungin ka talaga niya ng nakangiti,” she shared during the BabyFlo Let Love Flow presscon in Makati city.

Being launched as the first BabyFlo celebrity ambassador along with her husband Drew is a blessing according to Iya. “It would have to be the fact that we all got to work together as a family for the very first time. So I think that was a special opportunity. It’s really been something special for us as a family. Kasi first time namin to have been gotten as a face for a product. We get to experience a lot of firsts for Primo dito. Nung commercial shoot namin nakakakaba siya actually. Pero sobrang exciting,” she admitted.

Iya said Primo is growing up to be one happy baby. “Actually he’s very malambing. Gusto niya ng mga yakap. He likes cuddles. He likes to be carried. Kaya it was a bit hard for me nung umpisa kasi there are adults who told me na huwag ko siya sanayin sa karga. Yun talaga yung gusto niya eh. It’s what comforts him. I would choose to look at it from a different perspective and think na eventually darating yung time na aayaw na siyang magpakarga sa akin. So in-e-enjoy ko na lang siya ngayon kahit mabigat siya. Workout siya (laughs),” she shared.

As a first time parent, Iya said the biggest challenge of parenting right now is getting enough sleep. “Yung tulog talaga. All the people would say na, ‘Eh di ba sanay ka naman sa puyatan?’ Iba naman kasi yung sa taping, makakabawi ka sa tulog the next day. Dito wala kang reset button. Tuloy tuloy. Doon ako kinabahan na kailangan ako makakatulog kung bukas hindi ako makakabawi, hindi rin sa weekend, wala. Kasi yung lack of sleep may chain reaction na eh,” she explained.

If she were to share some advice to fellow millennial parents like her, Iya said it is to stay strong. “Kapit lang kayo. No matter how prepared you might think you are, iba talaga kapag anak mo. The time will come when you stop counting the hours and then you start enjoying it. It won’t become easier but you become better at it. Good job to the moms out there. Alam ko what you guys went through. I would say practice makes perfect (laughs). As small as they are, try to get in there. Try to be hands on. I know it’s scary but I have to say mas mahirap pa pala itong age na ito kasi ang likot niya. Gusto ko i-scrub yung likod niya tapos haharap siya. Tapos when you want him to stand up kasi you want to wash his bum but then he wants to sit down. Ang hirap talaga. He’s just all over the place. I’m just glad that even when he was a newborn I was already getting the hang of taking care of him. You might never be perfect but at least you”ll be confident. At least hindi ka na matataranta kapag bigla siyang dumapa or bigla siyang madulas. Alam mo na kung paano siya hawakan. You gain more confidence,” she shared.

No matter the sacrifice, Iya said it is all worth it at the end of the day. “When Primo was a baby pa lang siyempre hindi siya gumagalaw, humihiga lang siya. One way yung relationship namin. Puro ako lang yung nagbibigay ng pagmamahal. Siya parang deadma. Kasi before I couldn’t wait til he could stand or smile and talk back. Now it’s like ‘Oh no eight and a half months na siya! Nakakatayo na siya. Parang biglang ang bilis. There are many memories that are cherish pero always milestones like yung pagtayo. As much as you want to help him you also want him to figure it out by himself,” she said.