Dave Moffatt on Pinoys: 'Filipino people are extremely kind and generous with their time'

Dave Moffatt returns to the Philippines for a concert.

Kristhoff Cagape


05/21/2017 09:12 AM
Dave Moffatt on Pinoys: 'Filipino people are extremely kind and generous with their time'


The Moffatts lead singer Dave Moffatt is back in the Philippines for an intimate concert on May 27 at the Music Museum. Dave missed his band’s farewell concert last February and he is making up for it with this upcoming show. The singer professed that he has been deeply moved by the consistent support of his fans here in the Philippines despite the fact that it has been 16 years since he released any new material.

“I am pretty touched that I am able to come back here and like I have this new experience of being able to share what I am doing and what I have done in the past. It’s really exciting and I am happy to be here,” he said in an interview with PUSH.

Dave might be a full-time yoga instructor now but he never fully turned his back on music. He still plays the keyboard and sings. He also remains hopeful that he can make some new tunes soon.

“I love to sing, I will always love to sing. I‘ve been singing since I was three years old and that is always going to be part of my passions. New music is a possibility now that like I’m here and I am feeling all this energy and this love. It is very inspiring and because I do love to sing, I will definitely see myself coming out with some new music eventually,” he said.

The singer raved about the warmth of the Filipinos which is his favorite thing about coming back to the country. Eating local delicacies is also something Dave looks forward to every time he visits the Philippines.

“I’ve been all over the world and Filipino people are extremely kind and generous with their time, I mean you can only respond to that with the same sort of quality. I love the food too. I really love Filipino food. I did some street food yesterday and I had crispy pata a little while ago. I like trying new things and I think the Filipino culture has a lot of interesting and cool things to explore and for me to try out,” he stated.