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Shamcey Supsup on why she never joined showbiz: ‘I think I’m happier’

Shamcey Supsup admits she almost considered joining a teleserye after her reign.

Shamcey Supsup on why she never joined showbiz: ‘I think I’m happier’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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05/02/2017 10:03 AM
Shamcey Supsup on why she never joined showbiz: ‘I think I’m happier’

050217-ShamceySupsup-PUSHMAIN.jpgAfter their daughter Nyke turned one last January, Shamcey Supsup admitted she and her husband Lloyd Lee are working harder than ever on their restaurant business. “Mas nakaka-work na ako outside of the home so we’re expanding our business. We’re going on 11 branches so yun talaga yung main focus ko right now. But aside from that, I also design so I have an architectural firm so we do interiors, buildings, and we do offices so that’s also one of the things I’m busy with. And aside from that I do hosting so masaya naman. For me, it’s just time management I think kasi ang maganda naman with me doing events and having the businesses on the side is I’m also working with my husband kaya medyo pag wala ako sa office siya muna sumasalo sa trabaho,” she shared during the launch of the SM Beauty PRO Card held last April 27 in Makati city.

The 30-year-old former 2011 Binibining Pilipinas Universe said despite her hectic work schedule, she always makes time for her first baby, “Usually in the mornings dun talaga kami nag-se-spend ng time with her. We have breakfast together and we play. We’re lucky kasi the lolos and lolas are there to look after her when we’re not around. So kampante naman ako kasi I know she’s in good hands even though I’m not at home. I think what helps siguro is my husband and I we have the same goals and we work in the same workplace. So it’s not hard for us even though we’re both busy we still get to spend time because we’re together parang ganun. We don’t have to make time for each other anymore because we’re always magkasama whenever we have work in the office or in the restaurant lagi kaming magkasama (laughs),” she explained.

After having a baby last year, Shamcey said her life has changed a lot. “Siguro yung priorities kasi before we would just decide to go somewhere biglaan or go out with friends and stay out super late outside of the house. Pero now laging may parang guilt whenever I leave the baby at home. Iniisip ko okay kaya siya? Kumain na kaya siya? Nababantayan kaya siya ng maayos? There’s so many things na para kang paranoid mom (laughs). So eventually I was able to get past the paranoia of leaving the baby at home and I think okay din naman. Before I thought of myself na parang sa bahay lang ako, just a housewife. But sometimes you also need to grow and practice what you want so that you’ll be a happy mom. So when you get home, nakikita ng anak mo na you’re also working hard for the family and you’re also taking care of yourself. Kasi when the baby sees you and you’re happy, parang na-ra-radiate mo yung happiness to her as well,” she shared.

When she was still into pageants, Shamcey said she had the opportunity to join showbiz but did not pursue it. “There have been offers especially before when I was still reigning but I felt that it’s not really something that I see myself doing. Although sometimes I get curious na parang ‘what if?’ But I made choice and I chose to do just hosting and I think that I’m happier with it. Actually I’m super blessed na kumbaga not everyone is given that chance. Yung iba kailangan pang mag-audition and there are times talaga na medyo nakaka-tempt talaga yung mga roles and talagang malalaking artista yung kasama. But I don’t know maybe it’s kind of like being a beauty queen was not my dream before so yung pag-aartista is a different kind of craft naman and if I want to go into something gusto ko I do my best. If I can’t give my all, I might hold back still so ayoko naman na parang kukunin ko lang siya just because I want to try it. Ako kasi yung tipong if I go into something I have to do my best and really excel,” she admitted.

As one of the hosts of the SM Beauty PRO card launch, Shamcey said doing hosting gigs is the closest to the limelight she wants to get and contrary to what some people may assume, Shamcey said it was actually her husband Lloyd who was all for her giving showbiz a try instead of dissuading her. “You know Lloyd is the most supportive husband. Siya talaga he considers it. Siya pa yung pumipilit sa akin. Siya yung nagsasabi, ‘Ayaw mo nun?’ And I’ll say, ‘Paano yung taping? it’s going to be super long and hindi mo ako makikita sa bahay.’ Sabi niya, ‘It’s okay. I-try mo lang. Malay mo magustuhan mo.’ Like hosting I never really liked hosting before. I was super scared of talking in front of a lot of people but now parang wala na. I got used to it and I loved it. But I feel like I already made a decision long ago so I don’t want to change it anymore. I’m happy where I am right now in my career so I don’t think going into acting will make me happier,” she said.