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EXCLUSIVE: Camille Prats wants more kids after her second pregnancy

Camille Prats talks about the challenges of her second pregnancy

Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


05/18/2017 09:39 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Camille Prats wants more kids after her second pregnancy
051717-CamillePrats_PUSH.jpgCurrently in the fifth month of her pregnancy with her and husband John Yambao’s first child, Camille Prats said she does not have a secret to being blooming nowadays except for the fact that she is expecting the arrival of her baby girl later this year. “Maybe it’s my pregnancy bloom? I don’t know it’s just maybe taking good care of myself. I’m feeling well and I’m currently five months pregnant so maybe that adds to that (laughs). Walang beauty secret. Now my skin is really dry so parang I just put on a lot of lotion which I don’t normally do when I was not pregnant yet. Just a lot of lotion,” she admitted during Cetaphil’s 70th anniversary dinner held last May 17 in Makati city.

The 31-year-old host said her first trimester was a big challenge for her. “This pregnancy was very different from my first one. Kasi with Nathan I didn’t have any morning sickness. It was very easy for me. But for this one for the first three months I was really vomiting, I was nauseous and nahihilo. It was a lot of things and I couldn’t actually take in any food. I would always throw up so it was really hard for the first trimester but as soon as I entered the second trimester it felt better. I started feeling better now. I eat well. I can work out little by little. So parang I’m back to normal na ulit,” she happily shared.

Her son Nathan is also looking forward to the arrival of his baby sister. “He’s very excited kasi he’s nine years old and we have pamangkins in the house. I have two pamangkins na girls and you know he’s such a kuya. He’s such a loving kuya and when I told him we’re going to have a baby, he was really very excited kasi before I got married sabi niya, ‘Mommy when am I going to have a sibling? Kasi parang everyone in school parang they all have a brother or sister and I don’t have one.’ So parang feeling ko ready na rin siya na magkaroon ng kapatid,” she explained.

Despite her condition, Camille said she never plans to fully stop working. “I’m still doing my talk show but the first few months they’ve been very understanding naman. I’m really trying na mag-work pa rin kahit ganun kasi I didn’t want to baby it also. Parang feeling ko the more I stay home the more that I don’t feel well. So when I’m out medyo na-ko-kontra yung paglilihi so ayun,” she said.

The Cataphil Gentler Than Water event guest said she and her husband definitely plan to have more kids in the future but will not pin it down to a specific number, “Siguro as it comes along na lang kasi in all honesty this baby is really a surprise. It’s a honeymoon baby. Siguro one or two more? Or God willing kung ilan pa yung ibigay ni Lord.”