Anne Curtis' Muses: Whose smiles did Anne feature in her first photo exhibit?

Ann Manhit


05/17/2017 04:09 PM
Anne Curtis' Muses: Whose smiles did Anne feature in her first photo exhibit?


Earlier this month, Anne successfully launched her first photo exhibit. Smilebrity, a collaboration with Listerine Healthy White, featured the bright smiles of Anne’s muses. 

 Henri Cartier-Bresson, a French humanist photographer and master of candid photography, once said that “in photography, the smallest thing can be a great subject.” This holds true with Anne’s inspiration for her exhibit. 

 Behind the lens of the camera, Anne saw her subjects in a different light and zoomed in on one specific detail: their smiles. “Ibang-iba pala and mga tao from this angle,” shares Anne. “When they smile, it looks more beautiful.” When word got out that Anne was featuring celebrity smiles, people started speculating who Anne would feature. Were they part of her local squad? Hollywood celebrities? Beauty queens? 

 The exhibit had an interesting twist: the only detail the audience could see were the subjects’ smiles. As they admired the amazing smiles featured, there was no doubt in the audience’s minds that these were celebrities. It was only a question of who. 

 Anne kept her secret until later that night, when the curtains came up for the big reveal. Surprisingly, not one of the smilebrities were who they expected! It was not a local or Hollywood celebrity that inspired Anne; it was the prize-winning smiles of regular people she bumped into. 

 Anne’s muses included café barista Dan, restaurateur Sofia, and yoga instructor Kimmy. “Hindi nila akalain na their smiles could shine brighter,” says Anne. It just goes to show that celebrity-level smiles are not just an illusion. 

With Listerine Healthy White, everyone can be a smilebrity. 

Check out the video below to watch Anne’s big reveal on her photo exhibit. Be inspired to be the next smilebrity!