Celebrities reveal the greatest lessons they learned from their mothers

Because a mother is a child’s lifetime guide.

Celebrities reveal the greatest lessons they learned from their mothers-Gary Ann  Lastrilla
Gary Ann Lastrilla

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05/15/2017 12:37 PM
Celebrities reveal the greatest lessons they learned from their mothers

Being a mother does not stop at simply taking care of the family. She is also her children’s lifetime guide. As such, here are some celebrities and the greatest lessons they learned from their mothers.

1. Elisse Joson

Elisse Joson described growing up to a strong and independent mother, “Siya lang po ‘yung isang nagtaguyod sa akin so sobrang importante niya po sa akin.”

She said that her mother would always tell her to pray and to not be in a rush and enjoy the “now”.

2. McCoy de Leon

Hashtags member McCoy de Leon said that if it was not for his mother, he would not be where he is today. “Kung anuman ‘yung pinapakita ko, ‘yun lang din po ‘yung ginagabayan sa akin, ‘yun lang po ‘yung sinasabi niya sa’kin.”

3. Nash Aguas

“Do what makes you happy,” this is the most memorable lesson actor-recording artist Nash Aguas received from his mother.

“Ako kasi ‘yung tipo ng tao na sobrang gusto kong gawin lahat. Gusto ko mag-explore, gusto ko matutong mag-gitara, gusto kong sumayaw, gusto kong magdirek, gusto kong maging piloto… Sa pag-aartista rin, syempre ‘yung stressed so sinasabi niya kung gusto mo pa, go lang. ‘Dun mo marerealize kasi kung mahal mo ‘yung isang bagay, hindi ka mapapagod.”

4. Marco Gallo

Marco Gallo said that he is forever grateful for his mother who molded him to the person that he is today.

“Kung ganito ako mag-isip, kung ganito ako kumilos o makipag-usap sa ibang tao, o sa mga mahihirap na moments, kung pa’no ako magdecide, it’s because of my mom and sobrang proud ako na tinuro ako ng ganu’n kahit ‘nung bata, pinagsasabihan ako lagi kasi naman tama,” he said, expressing his appreciation for how her mother disciplined him.

5. Maymay Entrata

Although her mother is in Japan, Maymay Entrata described her as all-in-one parent who could be a mother and a friend.

“Pwede siya maging mother, pwede siya maging friend. Chika, chika sa mga love life and crushes. Tapos kung magalit po siya, parang barkada lang po,” she giddily shared, adding that they mother gives a lot of love advices.

When it comes to her mother’s advice for her and on-screen partner Edward Barber, Maymay shared what she was told, “Hinay hinay lang, ‘nak. Alam ko naman na sobrang gwapo ni Edward.” “Sabi ko, ‘wala nga, ma. We’re friends.’ Ganu’n, ganu’n. (Pero sabi niya,) ‘’nak, pero hindi naman natin alam ang panahon. Paalala lang. Basta i-enjoy ko lang daw ang buhay ko, buhay namin as a friend, ‘yung friendship namin.”

6. Jesi Corcuera

‘Transman’ Jesi Corcuera described his mother as incredible. “Talagang wonder woman ‘yan kasi father ko na rin,” he said, adding that his mother has been a single mom since he was four years old.

According to Jesi, she taught him, “Maging matapang lang lalo na sa estado ng pagkatao ko. Hindi madali so alam kong ginabayan niya ako.”

7. Jerome Alacre

Jerome Alacre, who admitted that he is gay during his stay at the Pinoy Big Brother house, said that despite his admission about his identity, his mother remained supportive and loving. “I had a big revelation inside the house and I told Kuya that one of the first persons na sinabihan ko about that revelation is my mom. So despite that revelation, she still very supportive and loving kahit ano pang nalaman niya sa akin.”

He also said that the biggest lesson that he learned from her is to be who you are, strive more and dream big.

8. Luis Hontiveros

If there is one thing that Luis Hontiveros learned from her mother, that would be to never back down. “Doesn’t matter what kind of struggle you face in life, doesn’t matter what kind of success you have, you never back down. Even if you feel like you’re all alone in the world, you never back down.” He also described her mother as strong, intelligent and independent.