LOOK: Sam Milby and girlfriend Mari Jasmine go on a hike

Joan Leary


05/14/2017 01:07 PM
LOOK: Sam Milby and girlfriend Mari Jasmine go on a hike


Sam Milby posted a rare photo of him with girlfriend Mari Jasmine on Instagram. The couple went hiking to celebrate the birthday of their non-showbiz friend.

“We went to Rizal this morning to climb a mountain! Started at 3:30AM and reached the peak just after sunrise. Little did we know, we had another 2 and a half hours of hiking ahead of us, worth the hard work though,” Mari wrote.


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How we celebrate @lizetteclaudio's birthday...

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"What do you want to do for your birthday?" they asked. "Ummm...I think I would love to go on a hike," I replied. And a day later, we all squeezed ourselves in a family van at 2 AM with barely any sleep and went up a mountain. Can't thank these people enough for the most memorable birthday date a girl could ask for. Not only did they go hiking at a crazy hour, they sneakily prepared a bunch of surprises which included a picnic, cake, bubbles (yes, bubbles), a dance party, and a gift that moved me to tears. You're all incredible. Thank you so so so much. ??? (P.S. Thank you to @angelafavis for the mountain reco! Mt. Binutasan in Tanay, Rizal has a phenomenal sunrise view. Just go to the hall at Brgy. Cuyambay to get a guide and you're good to go. Check it out! Oh and swipe left to see more views from the mountain!)

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