LOOK: Kris Aquino gives a birthday message to Herbert Bautista

LOOK: Kris Aquino gives a birthday message to Herbert Bautista-Joan Leary
Joan Leary


05/14/2017 01:09 PM
LOOK: Kris Aquino gives a birthday message to Herbert Bautista


Kris Aquino might be busy but she took some time to give a special birthday greeting to her reported ex-boyfriend-turned-friend Herbert Bautista on Instagram. The Quezon City mayor celebrated his birthday last May 12.

In her post, she explained how their short-lived romance blossomed into friendship by some quotes she chose.

“Happy Birthday.

“There are people who actually end up close friends after having tried to be in a relationship. I think this is because the 2 people had proper closure of 1 chapter in their lives, and managed to continue their narrative even with a new leading man or leading lady. Because yes- you can be content to just play supporting characters in each other's version of your life stories. A 2 person love story isn't assured a happy ending- but a story about friends can have multiple plot lines, layers, and infinite light moments.

“I wondered why this is so- and with the help of Pinterest, I found some quotes that will best explain why we managed to transform our plot, and with a few needed rewrites, avoided a bitter ending,” she wrote.

Admitting Herbert isn’t aware that she prepared something like this for his birthday, Kris said he deserves it.

“I'm pretty sure he isn't expecting this, but he deserves this shoutout. He has been a true friend, and I want to celebrate the person I've gotten to know. And what better way than to give you a glimpse of him from my perspective?”

Kris revealed her short-lived romance with Herbert last 2014.