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Celebs share their Mother’s Day plans

Celebrities share how they plan on celebrating this special day with their moms.

Celebs share their Mother’s Day plans-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


05/14/2017 08:15 AM
Celebs share their Mother’s Day plans


Sam Milby
“Wala siya dito. What I’d like to do for her is talk to her, have a Skype call with her, video call with her. I haven’t been home in three years so I definitely miss my mom and my dad. I plan on going home this year to spend time with them.”

Jinri Park
“In Korea we don’t have Mother’s day but May 8 is Parent’s day and since they are in Korea I sent them a long personal greeting. That’s all I can do because they aren’t with me.”

Elisse Joson
“Kasi on that day meron akong work pero siguro kasama ko yung mom ko. As much as possible after siguro ng work ko lalabas kami for dinner, something simple lang. basta kasama ko siya.”

Alexa Ilacad
“To be honest we don’t have any specific plan kasi medyo busy. Pero kasi si mommy sobrang magigigng masaya na siya pag nakalabas kami to eat. Paborito niya kumain. Maybe I’ll take her out to eat some Japanese food because it’s our favorite and I’ll make sure that I’ll be bringing our dog which is our baby talaga. Yun lang masaya na kami ng mom ko.”

Nicco Manalo
“I’d give her a relax day with spa and massage. Lahat ng iko-comfortable niya sa loob ng isang buong araw.”

Maxene Magalona
“Wala pa kaming plans but I guess we’re all going to get together for Mother’s day and we want to honor our mom who is the most special person in our lives kasi she’s so great. She’s such a superwomen. Sobrang strong niya and she’s my idol.”

Sarah Carlos
“To be honest ever since my mom just wanted me to graduate from college so medyo swak yung mother’s day kasi malapit siya sa graduation ko. So we’ll be celebrating my graduation and I’m offering my graduation to both my mom and my dad.”

Yael Yuzon
“Kasi we’re all so used to having work during the weekend so wala pa akong nagagawang plans exactly. I have a gig tomorrow. But I’m going to watch the Gary V. concert so we’re all going to watch together.”

Pat Sugui
“I-su-surprise ko yung mom ko as usual every year. We can’t really go out of town kasi busy lahat. So kami ng sister ko i-su-surprise lang namin siya tapos dinner, ganun.”