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Maxene Magalona shares more details about her upcoming wedding

Maxene Magalona admits she still can't believe she is finally engaged.

Maxene Magalona shares more details about her upcoming wedding-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


05/13/2017 10:10 AM
Maxene Magalona shares more details about her upcoming wedding

051317-MaxeneMagalona_PUSH.jpgAfter getting engaged to her model boyfriend Robbie Mananquil last February, Maxene Magalona admitted it was only recently that they started planning for their big day. “I’ve been super good. I’m still on cloud nine sobrang saya. Hindi pa rin makapaniwala pero andito na nga (laughs). Actually we just started planning because Rob and I decided not to give in to the stress because one thing I noticed since we started planning is that it can get really stressful. Like there are so many things pala that you need to think of. I actually never thought that I would get engaged, hindi ko siya in-expect so now that I’m actually engaged and I have to think of all the things oh my gosh how do these brides do it? There are so many things that you need to think of. That’s why we’ve only just begun planning and we don’t have an exact date yet but we’re have a lot of ideas already but wala pa for now,” she shared during the launch of the BG Bridal Gallery mobile app held last May 11 in Taguig city.

The wedding which Maxene said will probably happen next year will not be an over-the-top event. “As a girl ata it’s innate in us to have a fantasy wedding. You can’t help it. Especially we grew up watching all the Disney princesses and you dream of that dream. I’ve been married on TV many times and I’ve seen so many different themes. But honestly I’ve never had that one dream wedding. When you’re younger, it’s different. You want the fairytale kind of wedding right? But as you grow older especially since I’m turning 31 it’s all about practicality also. This is just the first step. You still have to think about your expenses after you get married,” she explained.

Maxene shared what her idea of the real theme of her wedding should be. “I guess having a dream wedding is not just about the theme but I guess it’s about the love that you share with your partner. And I’ve always been about the true love kind. The love that’s true and I guess that’s the most important thing and I’m getting that with Rob. So no matter what wedding we have, it’s what’s going to happen after which is what I’m more excited about. And about how we can spend our lives together and that’s the most important thing. So I guess my dream wedding would have to be a true love theme wedding,” she added.

In memory of her dad master rapper Francis Magalona, Maxene said she will definitely be wed in the country. “I noticed that that’s been the trend—destination and out-of-the-country weddings—and I have nothing against that. It’s just that there are beautiful weddings na nagaganap sa ibang bansa. But since I still want my dad kahit papaano to be a part of the wedding, and feeling ko dahil nandito siya, dito siya nakalibing, gusto ko dito talaga and my dad’s love for the country is so great so talagang gusto ko dito ako ikakasal,” she shared.

As a known fashionista, Maxene said she is happy to have a wedding app to help her decide what kind of wedding dress to wear. “Thankfully meron tayong Bridal Gallery app to help us decide on that kasi ganun pala yun pag engaged ka tapos nag-browse ka na through the ideas and you see all the different kinds of wedding dresses, dun mo pa lang makikita kung ano pala yung gusto mo. What catches your eye, what design, what style. Nakikita ko yung ayaw ko and nakikita ko yung gusto ko,” she shared.

When it comes to other details like location, guest list, and menu, Maxene said nothing is definite yet at this point. “I wish meron pero as of now we’re still planning and we’re just both so excited and ang dami nga kasing ideas eh so hindi pa namin na-fa-finalize kaya wala pa kaming ma-she-share for now. Abangan na lang nila kasi marami pa kaming kailangan asikasuhin at ayusin. For sure malalaman din nila yun,” she said.