Sam Milby admits he doesn’t know if he’s invited to Anne Curtis’s wedding

Sam Milby talks about his thoughts on marriage and romance.

Sam Milby admits he doesn’t know if he’s invited to Anne Curtis’s wedding-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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05/12/2017 11:27 AM
Sam Milby admits he doesn’t know if he’s invited to Anne Curtis’s wedding

051217-SamMilby_PUSH.jpgDuring the media launch for his newest album Sam:12 under Star Music, Sam Milby said he is not going to make a big deal about turning 33 later this month. “My birthday actually is in three weeks. I don’t really have any plans. Ginawa ko na yung big celebration nung nag-30 ako. Hindi naman kailangan ng celebration. Parang simpleng dinnner lang with friends, nothing too much. Parang when you hit 30, parang hindi na kailangan mag-celebrate. Maybe when I hit 40 may celebration. Wala akong wish eh. I guess na maraming bibili ng album and maraming makikinig sa album ko sa digital media kasi I’m actually very proud of this album. I can’t think of any wish for myself, just enjoying life and enjoying what’s happening and thankful na after 12 years I’m still here and I’m still working. I just want to travel more. That’s another thing I want to do. I love traveling. Explore the world more while I can. That’s it,” he shared during the Star Music event last May 10 held inside the ABS-CBN compound.

As he turns one year older, Sam said he has noticed one big change with his friends. “Parang lahat ng kaibigan may asawa na. My very first friend sa buong buhay ko Ben Evans he’s living here sa Pilipinas ngayon, yung kasal niya was last week. When you feel it’s the right time, when you feel it’s the right one, dun and I guess that’s the plus side of being a guy, you don’t have that time frame na you feel pressured. But of course I still want to be at a good age to be able to play with my kids. I still want to be young enough to enjoy their youth. I don’t feel too pressured. Basta I’m hoping within my 30s gusto ko siyempre. My dad was 49 when he had me. He was quite old. He’s turning 83 this year. Basta when you feel it’s the right one and the right time and I pop the question, dun na lang malalaman. If it comes to that point I will let you guys know. Pero ayoko ng inuunahan niyo,” he shared.

Sam said he is also happy about the engagement of his ex-girlfriend Anne Curtis. “I was happy for her. They been together for I think mag-se-seven years na. Hindi ko alam kung invited ako (sa wedding),” he admitted. Although photos of himself and girlfriend Mari Jasmine are on social media, Sam said they both agreed to keep important details like when they started dating to themselves. “It hasn’t been that long. Medyo bago pa lang kami. Ayoko ng pag-usapan yun. What I also appreciate about Mari is she’s also a very, very private person when it comes to her personal life. When it comes to our relationship she doesn’t like questions either. Which is hard because me being in showbiz I normally share a lot but I also want to respect her wanting a more private relationship and I do like that actually. Parang having it to yourself,” he added.

Unlike most celebrities, Sam said if ever he will plan a proposal it will be a more intimate and private affair. Sam considers having a non-showbiz girlfriend a big advantage. “When you have a more private relationship and when most of my relationships have been in the public eye it’s nice to have more privacy when it comes to that part of your personal life,” he said.