LOOK: Julia Montes addresses comments that she’s ‘lost’

Maureen Marie Belmonte

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05/12/2017 11:32 AM
LOOK: Julia Montes addresses comments that she’s ‘lost’


Julia Montes didn’t mince her words when she spoke up about people claiming that she is “lost.”

In an Instagram post on Thursday, May 11, Julia stressed that taking “a different path” doesn’t always equate to being “lost.”

Just because my path is different doesn't mean i'm lost... ??@macmerla

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While she didn’t expound on the meaning of her caption, netizens insinuated that she was pertaining to her career, which has seemingly taken on a different route compared to her peers.

Her last soap Doble Kara, for one, had her portraying roles of twins who eventually became mothers.