Matteo Guidicelli approves of a Sarah Geronimo-Daniel Padilla project

Matteo Guidicelli, however, admits to being a KathNiel fan

Matteo Guidicelli approves of a Sarah Geronimo-Daniel Padilla project-Maureen Marie Belmonte
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04/08/2017 10:09 AM
Matteo Guidicelli approves of a Sarah Geronimo-Daniel Padilla project

040817-MatteoGuidicelli_PUSH.jpgWithout sounding that he wants to come between his current co-stars' tandem, Matteo Guidicelli openly talked about being okay with his girlfriend Sarah Geronimo working with Daniel Padilla.

Matteo, who is currently part of Daniel and Kathryn Bernardo's upcoming film Can't Help Falling In Love, talked highly of the young tandem.

"Kathryn is such a nice girl and Daniel is an amazing guy. I love them as human beings. They are very, very nice people," he said in an interview at his launch as the Wilkins Delight brand ambassador.

Clamor for an AshNiel project started gaining ground after Sarah and Daniel's trending performance on ASAP. After that, reports of the two wanting to work with each other started making rounds. 

Matteo apparently has no qualms about it whatsoever. 

"I'll be happy for them to work together. I hope one day they'll be able to work together because Sarah also wants to work with him," he said.

Kathryn, Daniel's perennial leading lady, previously expressed support should a project for her love team partner and Sarah push through. 

But, Daniel during their movie's recent press conference maintained that KathNiel would always be "solid."

Meanwhile, Matteo, who recently celebrated his 27th birthday in Cebu shared talked about the present that he got from the Popstar Princess.

"Her presence in Cebu was a big surprise for me," he said. "Hindi ko alam na darating siya to celebrate my birthday with me. It's the best birthday gift I got this year."

A video of Matteo joking about a wedding also made rounds recently.

To this he said, "Basta malaman niyo nalang kapag nangyari na."

He, however, refused to provide even an estimate as to when it could happen. Sarah is turning 29 this year.