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Jericho Rosales shares why a Tacloban trip changed his life: ‘It was so memorable, so emotional’

Jericho Rosales talks about how he is coping after losing his father last month.

Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


04/07/2017 08:45 AM
Jericho Rosales shares why a Tacloban trip changed his life: ‘It was so memorable, so emotional’

040717-JerichoRosales_PUSH.jpgAfter losing his father last month to cancer last month, Jericho Rosales admitted he is still in the process of sorting out his feelings. During a recent interview, the 37-year-old actor talked about his latest adventure which started out from an old photograph of his dad Santiago Rosales. “Kasi papa ko dati nagbebenta ng insurance policies and he always makes new friends sa small towns and kahit saan, mga teachers, politicians, barangay captains, mga ganyan. He always sleeps in different towns so for me that was a mission. Gusto namin ni papa dati na mag-motorcycle. Nahanap ko yung picture niya sa bridge tapos sabi ko, ‘Gusto ko itong litrato na ’to.’ Nasa bridge siya pero hindi ko alam kung nasaan. I posted it on Instagram and everybody said San Juanico Bridge. Pumunta kami sa Tacloban to replicate a photograph of my father sa San Juanico bridge. I didn’t know how to get there, how long it would take, I didn’t know anything. I just said I’ll do it. I want to replicate that photograph,” he shared during his Wrangler #TrueWanderer campaign interview last April 5 in Taguig city.

The Wrangler endorser said he was touched that his motorcycle group also joined him on his personal journey. “I went there without knowing what to expect. Sumama na sila sa akin. And then I gained so many things aside from (alam ko na) yung mga real friends ko na sila Drew (Arellano), sila Ryan (Agoncillo), the Brat Pack. Talagang dun na-solidify yung friendship na, ‘Wow sinamahan niyo ako dito sa adventure na ito.’ Nasiraan kami, nasira yung motor ko, or kahit na alam nilang magiging emotional yung pagpunta ko sa bridge yun sumama pa rin sila,” he shared.

Their 72-hour motorcycle ride went through several provinces and racked up around 1,800 kilometers which also proved to be a physical challenge for Echo. “Pinuntahan namin yung lumang bahay namin sa Bicol, ganyan. Pagdating ng Quezon yata on the way back as in nag-palpitate ako ng sobra while riding because of exhaustion. Eh yung mga kasama ko mga Ironman lahat eh di ba? It was my first time. And then as in literal kumabog yung dibdib ko because I guess I had too much coffee (laughs) and then little sleep. Samahan pa rin kami and then tinapos ko. For me talaga it was something to remember and something to do again. We did about 30 plus to 40 hours straight and sobrang laking suporta na nakuha namin sa mga friends namin sa mga tao from Bicol, Sorsogon, and that was very meaningful for me kasi parang tini-trace ko yung dinaanan ng erpat ko,” he explained.

The trip to Tacloban proved to be a very meaningful one for Echo who said he is still not used to not talking to his dad. “I came back understanding what my father enjoyed. Isang piraso lang yun na nakita ng tatay ko ah. So I came back a better person. Parang I came back more curious and knowing what I need to do in life. I’m not scared anymore about the things that I used to be scared of, parang ganun. So for me it was really memorable that’s why we documented it and then we really want to share it. Nakaka-inspire talaga yung trip na yun eh. It’s a great story actually that’s why dinocument namin. Yung video nun will come out very soon hopefully this month. We’re still editing the material.”

More than reliving his father’s old photo, Echo said the trip unexpectedly taught him lessons about life. “Dati naka-lock ako dun sa mission eh. It’s not about the photograph eh. It wasn’t about copying the photograph kasi puwede ko naman i-green screen na lang yun eh. But it’s going there and actually completing it, Yun yung motivation ko. I think a man just needs to do something sometimes. We wanted that trip together kasi and hindi namin nagawa. But it was one for the books talaga. It was so memorable, so emotional. There was one point sa bridge na medyo naiyak na ako ng konti because ang ganda nung bridge,” he recalled.