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Andi Eigenmann reacts to Jake Ejercito’s rumored joint custody and visitation complaint

Andi on the complaint against her: ‘Is this really what’s best for your daughter?’

Andi Eigenmann reacts to Jake Ejercito’s rumored joint custody and visitation complaint-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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04/03/2017 12:10 PM
Andi Eigenmann reacts to Jake Ejercito’s rumored joint custody and visitation complaint

040317-AndiEigenmann1_PUSH.jpgAndi Eigenmann admits that she has yet to receive a copy of the supposed joint custody and visitation complaint of her ex-boyfriend Jake Ejercito over their daughter Ellie.

A recent piece on entertainment blog site Fashion Pulis claimed that Jake has filed the complaint due to being allegedly “misled” of Ellie’s recent graduation and the supposed “constant refusal” of Andi’s camp to allow him to visit their daughter.

To this, Andi, in an interview during the finale press conference of her show The Greatest Love on Sunday said, “Bakit kailangan isali na naman lahat ng tao na you know, di ba, this is what ruined everything.”

Andi’s statement came after confirming that her recently-deleted tweets were for Jake.

“Pls ask urself 1st if this is really for the wellbeing of ur child or just for ur ego? Just quit it man,” she posted.

“It was diff then, cus i was hurt, and i loved you. But now that i dont, pls just trust that i want whats best for her and that includes u!” she posted next.

Andi, during the interview, emphasized that she’s not pulling the victim card on this incident.

"I don’t understand, parang petition, yun lang yung parang nakasulat sa Fashion Pulis, sinend lang sa akin. I don’t know, I said, can I just be my own lawyer because I’m saving money? I have to get one daw eh, she said.

The actress emphasized that there won’t be problems on her end so long as “it’s really joint custody.”

"Pero sobrang as in magpapaka-aktibista talaga ako pagka sinet up nila ako or nag-ano sila nang hindi totoo or sinira nila ako,” she said.

Kasi yun nga yung tanong, di ba? Is this really what’s best for your daughter? Or is it really to bring the mom down and take me away from her?” Andi further asked.

The Tweet

What spurred Andi to post the fiery tweets was Jake’s post, which many insinuated was about her recent interview on Tonight With Boy Abunda where she described him as a “good man.”


"Hello, lumalaki na si Ellie, she’s five years old and before anything else, do you really think that exposing her to this kind of limelight, to this kind of parang… di ba, ka-cheapan, will be good for her?” she asked.

She presumed that the supposed complaint was all about ego.

Kasi if this is really not for your ego, for your pride, or for I don’t know, or out of spite because you just hate me so much…I f this is really because you just love your daughter and you want what’s best for her, I also want that agreement, I also want that joint custody,” she said.

Ellie’s graduation

Andi was quick to clarify that, contrary to rumors, she has actually invited Jake to come to Ellie’s graduation through his sister Jerika Ejercito.

"Birthday niya yung graduation ni Ellie. I’m so busy with TGL, every single day. March 27, alam ko birthday ni Jake yun so ako, 'Ay, text ko si Ate Ika, sabihin ko, parang punta ka, parang kay Jake na sobrang welcome siya, birthday niya, I feel like that would be the best birthday gift,'” she explained.

But then Andi explained that Jerika asked if they could bring their other family members to the event.

Parang ako, Ah, wait lang, gusto ko lang maintindihan mo Ate Ika na si Jake, pinili ko over my mom sa day na ito.’ Hindi naman puwedeng 10 tickets sa akin, siyempre may iba pang pamilya sa graduation,” she said.

Just when the date of the graduation began to approach, Andi shared that she didn’t receive any follow up or word from Jake’s family and that’s when she decided to just bringer her mother Jaclyn Jose as her plus one.

Tapos, yung mom ko, nagtampo siya, ‘Bakit naman di ako kasali? Apo ko yan!’ Eh nanay ko yun eh Sinong pipiliin ko, taong 'yan o nanay ko na mahal na mahal ko, di ba?” said Andi.

Turns out that Andi got the date of Ellie’s graduation wrong.

Nalaman ko noong sinabi ng stepmom ko—yung teacher ni Ellie, yung asawa ng daddy ko—sabi niya, ‘Ands, ano ka ba, mali yung date mo, hindi March 27, March 24!'” she recounted.

“So, sabi ko, 'Ay eh hindi naman sila nagte-text na,' parang days before March 24. Tapos, yung mom ko nga nagtampo, sabi ko sige, okay lang sabagay hindi naman sila nagtetext. 'Sige nanay, punta ka na lang po. Kayo nalang po pumunta,'” she said.

Andi emphasized that she has no direct communication with Jake for a little while now, which was what probably contributed to their conflict.

Andi’s afternoon soap The Greatest Love starring her, Sylvia Sanchez, Dimples Romana, Matt Evans, Arron Villaflor and Joshua Garcia is set to air its last episode in three weeks.