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EXCLUSIVE: Gab Valenciano shares why he wants a kontrabida role

The “I Can Do That” candidate also admits that he approves of Sam Concepcion for his sister Kiana.


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4/24/2017 1:05 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Gab Valenciano shares why he wants a kontrabida role

042417-GabValenciano_PUSH.jpgAfter spending a quiet Holy Week break with his family in the country, Gab Valenciano said it’s back to daily rehearsals for his show I Can Do That. Although he has mentioned in a previous interview with PUSH that he hopes to focus on his production company after the show, the 28-year-old performer says he has not fully closed his doors to acting someday.

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Gab revealed that he has already been encouraged by people around him to give acting a try for many years already. “Acting I have not explored but I have thought about it because a lot of people that know me as a person always ask me, ‘Bakit hindi ka nag-acting Gab? Parang bagay sa yo,’” he shared.

He has also decided on what kind of roles he would want to play if ever an opportunity comes. “I think a character that I would like to play is a kontrabida. I would love to play the bad guy since people think I’m the bad guy (laugh). Some people think that I’m a bad guy (in real life) so might as well play the role. People kasi think that I’m entitled and siyempre, you cannot take away the fact that you know being born in a family that I am, it’s very hard to show people who I really am. Maybe playing a kontrabida would be fun,” he said.

With his younger sister Kiana now open about her relationship with their family friend Sam Concepcion, Gab commented he did not see any issue in their admission. “No, me pa. No way. I am not in any way super protective unless she gets hurt or she needs my help. But Kiana’s a big girl. She can take care of herself. I will always be here to support her. I will always be here to lover her. Of course pag may nakita ako na hindi ako okay sasabihin ko. but I’ve been good friends with Sam for a very long time. I’ve seen the kid grow up and I’m very excited for this partnership kasi I see how happy they are but I can also see how they can help each other in terms of their artistry, their creativity and it’s exciting,” he explained.