Elmo Magalona talks about recent tampuhan with Janella Salvador

Elmo Magalona reveals giving Janella Salvador a present

Elmo Magalona talks about recent tampuhan with Janella Salvador-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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04/13/2017 07:02 AM
Elmo Magalona talks about recent tampuhan with Janella Salvador

041317-ElmoMagalona_PUSH.jpgAlthough they seem to be having fun all the time, Elmo Magalona revealed that he and Janella Salvador also experience misunderstandings every once in a while.

In fact, the tandem recently got into a small disagreement when Elmo cut himself while they were shooting for their film My Fairy Tail Love Story.

“Oo kasi may scene kami tapos mabato ‘yung beach and hawak-hawak ko si Janella, tapos buhat ko siya eh bago mag-cut parang nabigatan ako sa kanya so pagkaganon ko parang nag-slip ako,” he began in an interview during his recording of his father’s song “Cold Summer Nights.”

Next thing that Elmo knew, he had scratched his left foot on a sharp stone.

“So ang nangyari dumugo siya and then hindi ko pa alam nung time na ‘yun basta masakit siya. And then nakita ko pa si Janella she was laughing pa, pero hindi pa niya alam na parang nasaktan ako and then she was laughing,” she said.

The fact that he saw Janella laughing, according to Elmo, made him feel bad.

“Parang medyo nagtampo lang ako kasi nasasaktan ako tapos siya tumatawa siya sa gilid ko. But then after that in-explain ko sa kanya what happened to me and she was really sorry after that,” he said adding that, “I mean hindi naman niya fault.”

Everything seems to have settled down enough for the two as of the moment that Elmo managed to give a gift for Janella before she recently left for a series of shows abroad.

“Well before siya umalis we had an event to go to tapos after that we just had lunch… Nagkaroon naman kami ng time before siya umalis and yeah I think mami-miss naming ang isa’t-isa,” he said.

Elmo later on confirmed that the stuffed toy cat that Janella was carrying in recent photos was actually from him.

Their fans earlier speculated that the plushie was from him since they reportedly call each other Meow and Kitty.

But how is their relationship so far?

“Well I can say na we’re really closer now. Closer and happy. We’re both happy,” he ended.