Ai Ai delas Alas is engaged once again

The comedienne finally said “yes” to her boyfriend of three years.



4/12/2017 6:21 PM
Ai Ai delas Alas is engaged once again

041217-AiaiDelasAlas_PUSH.jpgAi Ai delas Alas announced through an Instagram post that she is now engaged with her longtime boyfriend Gerald Sibayan. Ai Ai’s boyfriend wrote the question on a heart-shaped paper and gave her a Frappuccino saying “Can you be my misis?” The two celebrated their third anniversary.

The comedienne disclosed her controversial relationship with Gerald to the public last 2014, with whom she has a 30 year age gap.

Aiai also had a much publicized marriage to businessman Jed Salang in 2013 in Las Vegas. She filed for divorce a couple of months later, saying Jed was physically violent towards her. Their marriage was annuled a year after.