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EXCLUSIVE: Albie Casino on doing better: ‘I was a very incompetent actor before’

Albie Casino shares why he is happy with his career path this year.


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3/4/2017 9:39 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Albie Casino on doing better: ‘I was a very incompetent actor before’

030417-AlbieCasino_PUSH.jpgAs part of the upcoming Regal Films project Pwera Usog, Albie Casino said he is not new to the horror genre. “This is my third horror film. It was really nice working with direk Jason Paul Laxamana. He’ll let you know kaagad what he wants. It was a fun experience on the set,” he shared during the Pwera Usog blogcon held last February 28 at Valencia Events Place in Quezon city.

With his career starting to pick up again, Albie said he never lost faith in showbiz even after his name was part of a major controversy. “I would just focus on what was in front of me. I wasn’t thinking if work was slow or if ever I’d get more work next time. I’d always just focus on the work that was there in the present time. Even if there was a time na parang nawala ako ng konti but I was still able to work with a few things. I was able to do some work with TV5 so I thank them for that. In interviews, I don’t mind interviews now anymore. But with social media I don’t really post a lot in general so it’s not because I don’t like to post or anything, wala lang talaga. Hindi talaga ako into that stuff,” he explained.

Now on his seventh year in the industry, Albie said he definitely grown as an actor. “I’m so different. Parang with Aswang (his first horror movie project) I don’t even think I read the script. Like I would just go to the set. I was a very incompetent actor before. I owe it to myself also. That’s why I think I still wish all the controversies didn’t happen but I think that if they did not happen I wouldn’t be the actor I am now. Because parang kinailangan ko gumaling eh. I had to be a studious actor. I had to study the script. I had to make sure I had the lines memorized when I got on set. Acting-wise, I just want to get more perse roles. I said before that I wanted to play a gay person and I played a transgender in MMK. So maybe now the goal will be psycho killer? I don’t know.  Or something else,” he shared.

If people were to base it on his social media, Albie looks very much content with the state of his love life and his non-showbiz girlfriend whom he plans to go on a trip with in May. “I’m planning a trip for my birthday so I’m excited for that. It’s not going to be in the Philippines. But it will still be at the beach. I like the beach a lot. We’re doing very well now. But you’ll only see us in sweet photos only when she forces me to (laughs),” he admitted.

The Pwera Usog actor shared that off-camera he is just like any average guy. “I’m super normal. I hang out with friends. I go to the gym. I always tell my friends that I forget I’m an actor until I have to do stuff like this and then I remember. But I’m the same guy lang,” he said.

Regal Films’s Pwera Usog opens in cinemas nationwide starting March 8. Also starring Sofia Andres, Joseph Marco, Devon Seron, Kiko Estrada, Aiko Melendez, and Eula Valdez. Directed by Jason Paul Laxamana.