Rufa Mae Quinto details post-partum journey

Rufa Mae Quinto says she has experienced crying endlessly.

Rufa Mae Quinto details post-partum journey-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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03/28/2017 09:11 AM
Rufa Mae Quinto details post-partum journey

032817-RufaMaeQuinto_PUSH.jpgRufa Mae Quinto happily shared on Instagram that she has already lost 40lbs after giving birth to her baby Alexandria with husband Trevor Magallanes.

“’Pag ganito ang lagay eh di forget na ang emote at post partum, mag ready na ako sa beach this summer 2017!” she said in a post on Monday.

She also noted that her “linea negra” is starting to disappear now.

Rufa Mae gave birth to their firstborn last February 18.

In a separate post, Rufa Mae shared what post-partum was like for her, which was mostly composed of crying uncontrollably.

Na tutulala sa shock na I have a child,” she said.

It’s a different case whenever she’s outside.

Meron ako war shock pag nasa labas. Part ng post partum ko, di ko ma explain I can't stand to be out. Parang I want to scream tapos, nabibingi ako gusto ko umuwi agad sa bahay,” she recounted.

According to her, she got used to being pregnant that she is not adjusting to the fact that she is no longer pregnant.

“Ngayon I'm alone back to myself again, slowly regaining all my hormones and confidence para sa anak ko,” she said.

Rufa Mae continued, “I want her to see me ok, so I can take care of her.”