Jona unwittingly reads message of Marlo Mortel for Morissette Amon

Jona and Morissette Amon talk about their love lives.

Cristina Malonzo-Balane

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03/29/2017 07:50 AM
Jona unwittingly reads message of Marlo Mortel for Morissette Amon

032917-JonaMorissette_PUSH.jpgOn Tonight with Boy Abunda, ASAP Birit Queens Jona and Morissette Amon answered questions about their love lives.

The host said “a little birdie” told him that Jona is seeing someone. Jona could only smile and was speechless for a time. Asked if she’s seeing someone she said, “hindi pa po Tito Boy, busy pa sa mga projects namin.” Boy then told her that having a love life while being busy with one’s career is doable. Jona said, “hindi ko po alam kung paano e.”

Morissette was also asked about the status of her relationship with Marlo Mortel. Morissette said, “friends pa rin po.”

When Boy asked Jona if she thinks Morissette and Marlo are already a couple, Jona divulged that she accidentally read a message from Marlo on Morissette’s phone. She could only remember the message to be, “pag nalasing ba ako….”

Morissette explained the message, “Marlo was sick nitong weekend po na ‘to. He wasn't feeling well so he was asking me what to do, so sabi ko mag-inom siya ng mga Berocca, mga meds, tapos pahinga.”

Morissette then explained there is no “lasing” word in the message and Jona said maybe what she read was “pag naka-inom ba ako (ng meds).”

On Fast Talk, Jona said her dream boy is “Sam Milby kasi mabait siya, mabait siya.”