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Anne Curtis wants to get sexy for her wedding

Anne Curtis admits she is excited to start planning for her big day.

Anne Curtis wants to get sexy for her wedding-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


03/28/2017 09:22 AM
Anne Curtis wants to get sexy for her wedding

032817-AnneCurtis_PUSH.jpgAs she starts shooting for her first-ever full action movie Buy Bust this month, Anne Curtis said all her hard work for the film will finally come to fruition. It was reported last year that Anne cut her hair short specifically for the role as requested by her director. “Yes tomorrow we start filming Buy Bust which is an Erik Matti film. I’m so excited. I’ve been training so hard for this film and finally we’re going to start shooting,” she shared during the Listerine Healthy White launch held last March 27 in Taguig city.

The Listerine endorser admitted that despite her packed schedule she really enjoys keeping fit as can be seen on her social media accounts. “It’s just something that I enjoy so much. Of course it started off as preps for the film. I had to learn Kali which is a Filipino martial art and then after that of course I did the New York marathon and then of course now I want to look good for my wedding (laughs). I guess it’s just that I really love what I’m doing and I’m really passionate about it. It doesn’t even feel like work. From the moment that I wake up, I work out and then I go to Showtime and then after Showtime I do events like this or I do a cover shoot or I do movie shoots. And then if I have time I’ll work out again and then I’ll go home and sleep. I at least try to work out twice a day but if not once is okay,” she shared.

Even when she is having a crazy day, Anne said the secret to getting through it without getting stressed is simple. “I think it’s really just loving what I do and being passionate about it and I have a great team behind me that also helps me boost my confidence. And of course, my smile. I really believe in the saying to smile through things, idaan mo lang sa ngiti ang mga yan and that’s what works for me and I believe that if you have a nice smile you’ll have so much confidence to go to work and to face the people that you work with and just having a nice smile is the key,” she admitted.

Anne said that if there’s one thing that’s keeping a smile on her face, it is the thought of walking down the aisle with longtime boyfriend Erwan Heussaff. “Of course my wedding plans so I’m really, really excited and happy. We have officially started planning (laughs). So here we go! We still have yet to talk about how we’re going to go about it but as of now we have officially started planning. It’s going to be a super exciting experience,” she shared.

Although she is still keeping the details private, the local press couldn’t help but ask about what color theme she has chosen for her wedding. “Well no, I think that I’m going to save as a surprise para naman may element of surprise as to what I’m going to be wearing. I think I’m too bubbly to become a bridezilla but I’m sure at one point it will probably happen (laughs),” she jokingly said.