Donita Rose finds her niche in the culinary world

Donita Rose realized her passion for food when she entered her friend’s kitchen.



3/26/2017 9:53 AM
Donita Rose finds her niche in the culinary world

032617-Donita_PUSH.jpgDonita Rose is known for being an actress, a TV host and a VJ. So it is pretty surprising to know that she is now also a chef.

Even Donita herself only discovered her passion for food when she entered the kitchen of her close friend, who was studying at the Academy for International Culinary Arts in Pasig.

“She invited me to be a guest in the restaurant simulation. When I saw the kitchen, my heart leapt,” she told the Philippine Daily Inquirer

After getting to know the owners of the school, she got her class sponsored and was allowed to take two companions. She brought along her helper.

“It would also benefit me because if I was working in the kitchen, she would know what I was talking about or anticipate what I needed. We both completed the course at the same time,” she explained.

Her classes were during the weekdays from 1-5pm and during that time, she also had to wake up at 2:45am for the morning show Umagang Kay Ganda and bring her knives and chopping board.

She soon got internships here and abroad. Donita got a job in the kitchen of Crowne Plaza Galleria for six months and soon went to US and worked at an Italian restaurant, Japanese and Korean fusion restaurant in Las Vegas, and at the “gourmet sandwich department of the online shopping company Zappos.”

“I was in charge of coming up with the sandwiches at the bistro daily for nine months. Our most popular was my adobo wrap and, I’m proud to say, I didn’t repeat any sandwich preparation the entire time I was there.”

She plans on uploading vlogs about her cooking soon.