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EXCLUSIVE: Isabelle Daza shares the best thing about being married

Isabelle Daza clarifies a public misconception about her relationship.

Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


03/25/2017 09:37 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Isabelle Daza shares the best thing about being married

032517-IsabelleDaza_PUSH.jpgAfter being launched as the new ambassador of Asus in the country, Isabelle Daza admitted that she feels blessed to be the only celebrity to make the cut. “I was so thrilled when I met with the team because they are all kind of like young and dynamic and I asked them why they picked me and they told me that actually I was the only one chosen in the short list and they sent it to their main boss abroad and they approved me right away. I told them that if I do become the ambassador of Asus I want to do a collaboration and they were very, very open to it and I loved it because even the concept of the video I helped them create it,” she shared during the Asus ZenBook 3 Deluxe presscon in Taguig earlier this month.

Apart from her showbiz commitments, Belle said she has her hands full with her other passions in life. “Well I have different businesses outside show business so I do work with Xeleb Tech which is a celebrity games company that I founded with some of my friends. We started it in 2014. And then I also have a cycling studio which I teach at and just keeping myself busy and this month I’m going to be giving a few talks in some schools to help inspire some students, maybe guide them in their life decisions. So that’s going to be exciting for me. It’s something new,” she said.

After getting married last year, the talented actress-model said she wants to keep her options open this year to more opportunities and adventures. “Right now in 2017 I’m just exploring. I’m not really defining myself and my only career. I’m open to other things. I want to travel, I want to meet people and I want to go to different conferences and I want to take everything that I’ve learned from that and kind of see how that will make me reach my optimum potential,” she added.

According to Belle, if there is one thing she appreciates the most about married life, it is the companionship she gets everyday. “The best thing about being married is knowing that you’re going to come home to someone. Kasi no matter how tiring your day is, I leave the house sometimes at 6:15 am and I come home at 11 pm. But knowing that you’re beside somebody who will comfort you, it’s so nice to have,” she admitted,

Despite their high profile lifestyle, Belle said she and her hubby both have packed schedules. “Funnily enough, my husband Adrien and I don’t see each other as often. He’s so busy with work and I’m also so busy with work. So we need to take the time to have a vacation. We went to Japan recently but that was planned a long time ago in 2015. And we’re going to take another vacation soon. People think we’re always on vacation just because it’s what it looks like on Instagram but YOLO right? You only live once,” she explained.