Ellen Adarna stands by her message to Cebu City’s son

The sexy actress said that Miguel Osmeña, son of Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña is also a “brat.”



3/23/2017 10:41 AM
Ellen Adarna stands by her message to Cebu City’s son

032317-EllenAdarna_PUSH.jpgAfter the suspect in Cebu City’s recent road rage has been identified as David Lim Jr., Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña warned the “spoiled brats” of Cebu that they’re “nothing special.” This irked Ellen Adarna and couldn’t help but bring back an 8-year old issue involving her friends and the Mayor’s son Miguel Osmeña.

In a long Facebook post, she said that the Mayor’s son is also a “brat” and even threatened her friend.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here? Throwback feeling to when your brat shot my kabarkada's digi cam, hung it on her gate, and threatened us with a text message (that read) 'The next time this happens, a bullet goes through your head,'” she wrote, attached with a photo collage of the digi-cam.

The sexy actress added that this has nothing to do with the current situation of the road rage suspect but is about the Cebu City mayor calling out the “brats.”

“This is about Tomas calling out all the spoiled brats of Cebu (na affected ko gamay kai brat ko. Wai magbuot) but I guess nakalimot siya that his son did this to us years ago. Brat sad iyang anak so... I think he should talk to him and walk his talk.”

(This is about Tomas calling out all the spoiled brats of Cebu (I’m a little affected because I’m also a brat) but I guess he forgot that his son did this to us years ago. His son is also a brat so...I think he should talk to him and walk his talk.)

The Mayor’s son broke his silence about Ellen’s post and answered the issue once and for all. He clarified that this issue started when Ellen’s group left their friend Bea drunk.

"In 2009, I found Bea passed out in a bar after some of her classmates called me to say her (Adarna's) group abandoned her there. The same classmates told me a pill was slipped into Bea's glass. I had to wipe the mud off her before carrying her to my car to bring her to the hospital. She had to go on IV, and it took her 3 hours just to wake up," he wrote in a Facebook post.

He also denied that he sent threats to Ellen’s friend.

"No camera was shot, much less delivered... If she was so convinced of my guilt, why did she fail to submit the camera to the NBI for fingerprinting and ballistics tests? She lives in a subpision. Where is the guardhouse logbook the police was asking for?" he said.

He also said that he didn’t file a complaint against her group because he focused on his studies abroad.

"I moved on. I finished college, moved back to Cebu... I married Bea, the same girl they left in the mud all those years ago," he said.

He then gave a message to Ellen and said, “Ellen Adarna should just carry on whoring herself to Baste Duterte before her rapidly diminishing shelf life finally expires. Perhaps after revealing that she also used to date the son of Peter Lim will she be able to assume the mantle of moral supremacy.”

The Cebu City Mayor also cleared his son’s name and said that if his son is found guilty he would immediately resign as mayor. No complaints were filed against Miguel since 2009.

Ellen got Miguel’s message and said that she brought the issue back because she couldn’t stand the “hypocrisy” and then called him a “coward.”

“Go ahead and call me whatever you want. At least I own up to my mistakes and I know I am the furthest thing from perfect.

“I reacted the way I did because I couldn’t stand the hypocrisy and the power tripping. You’re so self-righteous. You act as if you’ve done nothing wrong, like you’re an angel. But you’re not. You are a coward.

“You can fabricate the truth all you want but people know who you really are. People know WHAT you really are and what you’re capable of; and no amount of PR, fake accounts, or Facebook bots can change that. I’m sorry to those who’ve been brought into this.”