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EXCLUSIVE: Mikee Cojuangco reveals why she can’t return to acting

Mikee Cojuangco talks about what’s keeping her very busy this year.

EXCLUSIVE: Mikee Cojuangco reveals why she can’t return to acting-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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03/19/2017 10:19 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Mikee Cojuangco reveals why she can’t return to acting

032017-Mikee_PUSH.jpgOn her fifth year as WWF’s Earth Hour ambassador, Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworski admitted it is one of the events that she looks forward to every March. “I joined in 2013. Mabilis ang panahon. I think everybody feels that way di ba? (laughs) The truth is, to be very honest, a lot of the advocacies that I am a part of is not just for me to be able to support those advocacies. Parang pag-check ko na rin sa sarili ko kung ginagawa ko ba yung mga dapat kong gawin dito sa mga areas na sinasabi kong may interest ako. So let’s say when it comes to my interest for the environment, Earth Hour is not just something I see as a me lending my time or my effort. But it’s also yung mga natututunan ko bilang Earth Hour ambassador. Hindi naman ako expert diyan eh natututo lang din naman ako from the experts. WWF is an expert,” she shared during the WWF Earth Hour launch.

Aside from WWF, Mikee said she has her hands full with her other advocacies all throughout the year. “I’ve been with Gawad Kalinga since 2003. I’m also the spokesperson of AnakTV which is for responsible media. And of course the advocacy that I spend most of my time on is sports as a member of the International Olympic Committee,” she shared.

The Earth Hour ambassador said it is important for her to teach her three sons by example. “Our kids are not allowed to use electronics on weekdays but now they have to use it for school so it’s not so easy to monitor. I have one son na grade 11, grade nine, and grade three. We have a very open relationship so I don’t feel that they really keep secrets from us and I am really grateful that they feel that way because we can guide them much easier when they’re open to us kesa yung naglilihim sila tapos hindi natin alam na may pinagdadaanan na pala sila na sana naiwasan or sana natulungan namin sila as parents,” she added.

After she posted a photo of herself and Regine Velasquez on social media last December, netizens were happy to see them reunited again. But Mikee said she has always been in touch with her Do Re Mi co-stars. “The thing that people don’t really know is that I’m very much in touch with Regine (Velasquez) and Donna (Cruz). Maybe people didn’t really think that but you know the funny thing is I haven’t been that active on social media. That was my last post kasi nag-Christmas break eh. The truth is I’ve been so productive with the other things I’ve had to do at home or with my office work, my paper work, with my studies on the different decisions I need to make,” she explained.

Although it’s been more than five years since she was last seen on TV or movies, Mikee said there really is no one specific reason why she has kept out of the limelight. “I don’t think anything really is technically keeping me from showbiz. I think’s it’s a busy schedule I keep that doesn’t really allow me to be committed to some showbiz projects. I know how it works. I had my own show before. You know I miss it. I miss doing the work that I was doing. It’s very ironic kasi ang trabaho ng isang artista, hindi ka makakalabas eh. You won’t be able to interact with other people kasi palagi kang nasa taping, palagi kang nasa shooting. Pero parati ka ring nasa TV. So people feel that you are there. And someone like me, where I am in life right now, I’m not taping, I’m not shooting. Which means I also have time to eat in a restaurant, go around the mall, interact with people. So that is something that I missed a lot when I was in showbiz. Siguro pana-panahon lang ang buhay. We’ll see what’s next for me (laughs),” she said.

Join WWF Earth Hour on March 25 from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm. The main switch-off event will be held at SM by the Bay at the Mall of Asia complex.