Charo Santos on her age gap with husband: ‘I go for men who can engage me in a conversation’

What makes Charo Santos-Concio a great leader?

Charo Santos on her age gap with husband: ‘I go for men who can engage me in a conversation’-Cristina Malonzo-Balane
Cristina Malonzo-Balane

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03/14/2017 08:40 AM
Charo Santos on her age gap with husband: ‘I go for men who can engage me in a conversation’

031417-CharoSantos_PUSH.jpgOn Tonight with Boy Abunda, ABS-CBN’s Chief Content Officer Charo Santos- Concio shared what’s next for her in terms of her acting career following the success of her film Ang Babaeng Humayo.

“I’m reading a few scripts but nothing is final until it’s final. I think I’m also doing a few endorsements and I’m doing a lot of corporate engagements sharing my leadership lessons.”

The leadership lessons that she’s acquired throughout the years are displayed in her book, My Journey – The Story of an Unexpected Leader. Although to share one’s life to the public is daunting, the formidable actress cum leader hopes that, as she said, “The stories of my life will only be used as a springboard to share leadership lessons and that’s why I agreed to do the book.”

The management style that she brings to an organization is as she said, “Tough Love.” “I’m very sure about my boundaries - the boundaries of professionalism that I expect of every talent, of every worker in the industry. But at the same time I balance that with a nurturing heart. With an air that is ready to listen to a human being because I don’t see people as commodity.”

In a recent Instagram post, Erich Gonzales, who recently went through a breakup, referred to her as a Guiding Star. Asked how she makes sure that she gives sound advice, Concio replied, “I listen with my heart. To the best of my ability, I try to listen and see from your perspective. And for whatever lessons or pieces of advice that I can give you, then I’d be so generous in sharing what I know. I’m genuinely concerned about the growth and the maturity of our stars.”

When asked if she always had an inclination towards more mature men, she replied, “I go for men who can engage me in a conversation. I mean I go for men with a broad perspective on life; somebody who can excite me and somebody who can open a lot of doors and opportunities as far as seeing the other side of the world. I go for men with mature minds. So nagkataon lang that there’s this 24-year age gap between Cesar and I.”

Concio went on to reminisce with Host Boy Abunda about that time when her now husband followed her to Europe and she didn’t know that he liked her. “Hindi niya alam na hindi ko alam. Hindi ko naman alam na may gusto na pala siya sa akin. So pagdating niya sa Europe, sabi ko, ‘Hello Mr. Concio!’ Tapos sabi ng mga friends niya, ‘oh my God. Ang layo ng binyahe natin at tawag sa iyo, Mr. Concio?’”

Albeit hesitant in asking, during the segment Fast Talk, the host asked, “Sexiest part of Mr. Concio’s body?” she answered, “His lips.” On a more candid note, she was asked, “Does size matter?” which elicited giggles from the audience and the guest who exclaimed, “Of course!”