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EXCLUSIVE: Nina on having baby number two: ‘Bahala na si God’

Nina admits that motherhood made her into a better singer.


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2/7/2017 8:16 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Nina on having baby number two: ‘Bahala na si God’

020717-Nina-PUSH.jpgAfter giving birth to baby Ysabella Louise a little over a year ago, singer Nina admitted that motherhood has definitely made her into an even better singer. "Actually as a performer siguro it inspires me more kasi when I’d sing I’d always think about her. It inspired me more and that I’d be an inspiration to her hopefully when she knows what I’m doing like when she’s able to watch me already singing. So whatever I do I do it for her talaga. Kunyari I’m putting on makeup I think about her. All about her, parang ganun talaga,” she shared during the #LoveThrowback2 concert presscon in Quezon city.

When at home, Nina said she is a very hands-on mom. "I breastfeed her until now and I let her eat whenever I’m at home talaga. It’s all about her. I give her a bath. I’m hands-on even if she has a yaya. Yung yaya para na lang siyang assistant pero ako talaga. I want to be a cool mom for her pero siyempre protective. All moms are protective pero I want to be there for her whatever is it that she likes I’ll be just a support for her and to tell her what’s right and what’s wrong in things. Really to be a shoulder to cry on. Yun lang prini-prepare ko for her kasi this is a tough life di ba and you don’t know who you’ll encounter in your life so I’m just going to be here to straighten things out for her and to explain things to her,” she admitted.

As she performs her classic love songs in this year's Valentine concert #LoveThrowback2, Nina said she has always dedicated one love song for her little girl. "It’s a song by India.Arie called ‘Beautiful Surprise.’ She is a beautiful surprise. The lyrics go “Seems like yesterday I didn’t even know your name. Now today you’re always on my mind. Never could have predicted that I’d feel this way. You are a beautiful surprise,’” she shared.

When asked if she is getting ready to have another baby, Nina admitted it is definitely in the plans. "Bahala na si God (laughs). God will be the one planning that for me kasi even if I say, ‘I want to have another baby,’ but if it’s not really time to have another baby. But of course I want para she’ll have naman a sibling. Kasi ako I have a sister and two brothers eh. Kumbaga she’ll have someone to share her secrets with if she’d be shy to tell her secrets to me. Yung best friends kasi may mga secrets ako na sinasabi ko sa sister ko na hindi ko sinasabi sa mom ko eh. Para hindi na siya maghanap ng best friend outside of the family,” she explained.

Fans of the Philippines’ Soul Siren said her fans will have to wait longer for another album from her. "Actually I cannot reveal yet kasi we’re not sure about what the concept is pero I always think about doing new songs pero naka-compile lang talaga siya diyan. Kasi when the inspiration hits yun yung time na parang gusto mo siyang ilabas. Pero as of now hindi pa siya ripe to bring it out so parang andiyan lang muna siya,” she added.