EXCLUSIVE: Joseph Marco reveals secret to fit body

Joseph said he did not eat rice for six years. What made him change his mind?


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2/27/2017 1:09 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Joseph Marco reveals secret to fit body

022717-Joseph_PUSH.jpgRegular exercise that is accompanied by the right diet is actor Joseph Marco’s secret to a fit body. 

“I’ve been working out for like, siguro eight years na rin so medyo sanay na rin talaga ako,” the Wildflower actor told PUSH. 

“Maintenance lang talaga. I work out regularly, I play basketball and most importantly, dapat talaga you watch what you eat kasi kahit na nagwowork out ka pero pig out ka naman ng pig out, it’s not gonna work,” he said, adding that one should balance exercise with proper diet.

However, Joseph revealed that for a time, he did not eat rice. “There was a time, at the age of 20, mga six years, wala akong kinaing rice. Pero ‘nung 2016, ‘yan ang naging New Year’s resolution ko na okay, I’m gonna eat rice. Pero ngayon, I’m eating rice pero balanced pa rin. Hindi ‘yung sobra-sobra.”

Instead of rice, the 28-year-old actor said that he turned to complex carbs like potato balls, wheat bread and pasta for his source of carbohydrates.

What made him decide to eat rice again? 

“Siguro I just want to change na parang medyo na-bore na ako. Kasi may mga times na nag- Spain ako, hindi ako kumakain ng Paella just because. Parang I’m depriving myself so sabi ko, tama na, kaya naman balansehin. I don’t have to completely shut off ‘yung rice sa buhay ko,” Joseph answered.