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Is Eugene Domingo engaged to her Italian film critic boyfriend?

Eugene Domingo’s beau is slated to come to Manila this April


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2/22/2017 8:30 AM
Is Eugene Domingo engaged to her Italian film critic boyfriend?

022217-EugeneDomingo_PUSH.jpgAlthough her heart is currently happy, Eugene Domingo is in no rush to walk down the aisle.

“I'm very, very happy, thankful, and blessed,” said Eugene in an interview with PEP.

Aside from her career, the actress’s love life is also in full bloom. The comedienne is currently dating Italian film critic Danilo Bottoni.

“Ay, masaya!” Eugene blurted about how they spent Valentine’s Day.

“Kay Mr. Bottoni, sa Italy kasi, walang Valentine's. They don't observe Valentine's. But, I think, every day sa kanila, Valentine's,” she explained.

Eugene described his beaus as “always passionate, romantic, and expressive every day.”

According to the actress, her boyfriend was quite surprised that people in the Philippines “celebrate” Valentine’s Day.

“E, sa atin, di ba, sabi ko sa kanya, ang Valentine's sa Pilipinas, it's like Christmas. Very commercial. Pero sa atin, importante na pini-prepare, maraming shows, di ba? May reservation sa hotel, mga restaurants,” she said.

Eugene shared that her Italian beau is set to visit the country this coming April. The actress just brushed off the possibility of him asking her hand in marriage.

“Baka paa!” she joked.

“Hindi, wala, walang hingian ng kung anu-ano. We're just enjoying our time. Hindi naman na ako fifteen years old or seventeen years old,” she said pointing out that they are just “enjoying” their time together.

The award-winning star emphasized that the society is just used to seeing couple getting engaged or hitched.

“Pero sa akin kasi, sa akin lang yun, ha, pasalamat na ako dumating pa ‘yun eh. “Di ba, pasalamat na ako? This is the best gift ever,” she said.

Eugene ended, “At wala akong minamadali. I cherish every moment.”