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Liza Soberano admits she is ready to take on more mature roles: ‘There will be some growth’

Liza Soberano feels overwhelmed by the success of ‘My Ex and Whys.’


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2/21/2017 9:05 AM
Liza Soberano admits she is ready to take on more mature roles: ‘There will be some growth’

022117-LizaSoberano-PUSH.jpgJust like any regular teenager, Liza Soberano admitted she has always been a girly girl. The 19-year-old actress has been the face of an international beauty brand since last year. "I would say that I was super kikay. I wasn’t into sports and boys things. I was always fascinated with the modelling world. Siguro when I hit puberty that’s when I started becoming more kikay, getting into makeup and stuff. So probably around 12 to 13 years old that’s when I started using makeup,” she revealed during the Maybelline #MakeItHappenWithLiza presscon held last February 18 in Quezon city.

The 19-year-old My Ex and Whys star also shared what type of makeup look she prefers on and off camera as well as how she keeps herself looking good inside and out. "On cam it depends for movies and teleseryes we usually go for the no makeup look. Just powder, konting kilay, probably lipstick and we curl our eyelashes to make our eyes open more. Off cam I usually like to highlight my eyes because I have really small eyes. I use false lashes and mascara din. For exercise, I try to work out regularly. At least three times a week and I have a trainer who guides me with my workouts so that I don’t do the wrong routines. But most of the time cardio lang just to burn some calories. I don’t believe in starving myself to lose weight. I try to choose healthy food but sometimes I do like to indulge. I don’t want to deprive myself from the things that make me happy (laughs),” she explained.

With her current Star Cinema project having crossed the P100M mark over the weekend, Liza said she has been nothing but grateful to everyone who watched. "I was really overwhelmed. I was already really, really happy when it hit P27M but then as of 2 am the next day they told me that it was P31.5M and I was so overwhelmed and happy because I never expected to get that much support for the movie. I’m just really happy. I was excited to see everybody’s reaction. I’ve been going to block screenings and I’ve been touched by what my supporters have been telling me about my acting and I’m just really happy,” she said.

For her succeeding projects this year, the Fil-Am beauty admitted she is ready to take on more mature roles that are still age appropriate for her. "After Forevermore, a lot has changed. My roles that I’ve been portraying have become more mature. Along that process, me as a person has learned a lot also from the parts I’ve been portraying and it has made me more mature as well. As per meeting with my management for my next teleserye, they did say that it would be more mature but I can ask them if we could do something not super mature, just something appropriate for someone my age because I think that’s what people want to see. I don’t want to rush into becoming older than I am. But in terms of emotions and character, of course there will be some growth and maturity there but jumping like to (roles for those in their) 30s and stuff,” she said.

After promoting My Ex and Whys, Liza said she is already busy gearing up for two new teleseryes. "I’m already training for one teleserye which I will be doing the pilot week of with Enrique Gil as well and then we will have pitching pretty soon for our new teleserye together as well. I don’t have the details as to who the directors are or anything but it’s something to look forward to,” she added.