The Moffats excited to shoot music video in the Philippines

The Moffats return for one last concert in The Moffats Farewell Tour.


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2/17/2017 9:04 AM
The Moffats excited to shoot music video in the Philippines

021717-TheMoffats_PUSH.jpgAs they gear up for their one-night only event The Moffats Farewell Tour this coming February 18, Saturday, brothers Scott, Clint, and Bob return to the country where they admit they really felt like rock stars. “We’re glad to be back. The Philippines has been a great place for us. It was really actually the first arena show that we ever did as The Moffats I think. We came here. We didn’t know what to expect. We had been living in Germany for a couple of years and somebody comes up to us and says, ‘You guys have a number one record in Southeast Asia. In the Philippines they’re buying your records like crazy.’ So that’s cool. We didn’t know anything about it. When our plane came and landed (here) it was like a huge, huge impact on our life. And then we were playing Araneta Coliseum. We thought we were the Beatles (laughs). It was the first time that that kind of thing happened so it’s always an amazing experience coming back and we’ll continue to do it as long as you guys will have us,” shared The Moffats vocalist Scott.

After disbanding in 2001, the siblings proudly shared that they have continued to keep in touch with their Filipino fans. "Actually the Philippines is a big part of this because the way the Filipino people have reacted to our music and to the band is actually quite amazing. They’ve always really been there for us. It makes me really appreciate things a little bit more. I admire that. I think it was 1999 was probably the last year we were up here as The Moffats. We were here, our stuff was on the radio, and then we were done. We kind of split up and so we just thought it would be a cool way to get back over here because we have so many people who have followed us through the years on Facebook and kept in touch and let us know that our music was still important to them. And then it opened up the door for some other cities like Jakarta, Bali, Singapore and those places as well. It’s really great to get back here,” Scott admitted.

Even though they live in different places now all over the world, The Moffats revealed they have been rehearsing via Skype before they arrived in Manila last week. "It’s been really great. Playing the drums again was a little different the first couple of days. But after a little while it was just like riding a bicycle and felt natural. So it’ll be a lot of fun. It’s going to be a very interactive show. We hope everyone will be standing and singing along with us and feeling good while singing along with us. We’re going to have a lot of fun. We’re going to play a lot of the songs in the records that you guys bought. We’ve been practicing. Clint’s back on the bass, I’m on the guitar. We’re going to do all our hits and maybe a few of the newer songs,” said Bob.

After their concert, the band said they will be back in Manila to do other projects. "We’re actually going to have a little bit of downtime. We’re shooting a couple of music videos when we come back so we’re going to be going to Indonesia, Singapore, and then we’re actually coming back. We’re going to visit an island. One of the 7,000 islands (laughs). It’s a beautiful island apparently so we’re really excited. Scott is shooting a music video and we’re shooting a music video and then in between we’ll probably have a little leisure time to hang out, walk around the beach,” said Clint.

Solo artist and producer Scott said he is excited for his new music video. ""I’m filming a video here in the Philippines for my first single. Hopefully I can come back and my brothers can come back as Endless Summer. We can keep coming back and playing music for all of you. So next year. I hope you like the music,” he added.

Although the original group included their Canada-based brother Matt, Scott said he decided not to join their last tour. "We’ve always been really close. Matt—he’s been a yoga instructor for the last 10 years so that’s his passion in life right now. We’ve all maintained a great relationship. This whole thing happened organically. We didn’t think we were going to be doing this but a good friend of ours messaged us on Facebook and I guess one thing led to another and we’re glad it was able to pan out the way that it did,” Scott said.