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EXCLUSIVE: Singer JayR shares why he does not want to get married yet


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2/11/2017 9:53 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Singer JayR shares why he does not want to get married yet

021117-JayR_PUSH.jpgAfter his current album Elevated reached gold status last year, JayR said he is going to be busy this year making a new album and aiming for a platinum status for his current album. The 36-year-old singer is also looking forward to celebrating his fourth year anniversary with girlfriend Mica Javier this coming March.

"For 2017, I am fully focused on my music that I will be releasing in a new album. I also focused on my record label Homeworkz. We're launching so many big artists this year and producing concerts. In terms of love life, it’s perfect because Mica shares the same passion and vision that i do. It’s ok to go for me to divide most of my attention towards my career because she right there beside me,” he shared.

Ever since he started his own recording label Homeworkz, Jay-R said the most fulfilling reward comes from knowing that original Filipino music has a bright future in the country. He said, “I expect my fellow artists to realize that original music does sell. You don’t have to do remakes to sell music. It’s proven here at homework that our music lovers are looking for new creations. Classic songs will always be classic. But new songs are the future of OPM,” he explained.

After almost two decades of being active in the industry, the former Your Face Sounds Familiar finalist admitted he is still not yet ready to settle down. "I have so many things that I want to achieve before leveling up to marriage status. I want to make sure a few of my businesses will be able to run successfully without me. I take getting married very seriously and thats the reason why I don't want to rush,” he admitted.

JayR said he is not pressured by the succession of proposals in showbiz lately. "I think that it’s their prerogative to do what they want to do. The way I see it, either a relative, friend or someone will post pictures of the wedding on their Facebook anyway. So it’s no different if a celeb has a private or public wedding. You're a celebrity. Your wedding will be public no matter what,” he added.

This coming Valentine’s day, JayR shared his idea of a perfect date with Mica. "With our busy schedules I'd be happy with a simple dinner and a movie together. I look at Valentines in a different way. I think Valentines should be celebrated everyday and not just on February 14. But what we can do it to use February 14 as a reminder that we should be showing love everyday throughout the year,” he said.

Watch JayR along with Kris Lawrence and Nicole Asencio in their pre-Valentine show The Nature of Love on February 11, Saturday at 6:30 pm at the Sta. Elena Golf and Country Estates.