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EXCLUSIVE: Model Jessica Yang is proud of friend Maxine Medina: ‘She evolved so much’

Model Jessica Yang belives Maxine Medina did her best to represent the country.


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2/12/2017 7:55 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Model Jessica Yang is proud of friend Maxine Medina: ‘She evolved so much’

021217-JessicaYang_PUSH.jpgSpending most of her formative years in the Philippines, model and aspiring singer Jessica Yang said she considers the Philippines as her second home. "I basically sort of grew up here. At first my family moved here in Manila but last year my parents moved back to Taiwan already so it’s just me, my brother, and my boyfriend. I shuttle back and forth sort of but I only go back once a year. I’ve been here since 2002 so I had my high school and college here and I started part-time modeling when I was a college freshman. And when I graduated college, I knew modeling was for me because I was earning good. So I think I could do it for a living so I started modeling and just late last year I started my music which is my passion. I was able to perform at an event and it was something different for me, but I did not feel nervous at all. I really enjoyed my moment even though I knew that’s not the best because I can do better. I really enjoyed it so i guess I’m going to do more of that,” she told Push.com.ph during the Koragem Japanese Collagen presscon held last February 9 in Makati city

The Taiwanese beauty started dabbling in songwriting last year and hopes to create more songs soon. "I actually have an old song and I’m reproducing it. It’s going to be on Spotify soon so hopefully they watch for that. I aim to make more songs this year but I’m really taking my time. Because singing is still just my hobby so I’m still focusing on modeling. But I have a lot of fans asking me about my song. I’m into indie music but my music on Spotify is actually electronic pop so it’s very lively, it’s very cute, a lot of things going on with it. It’s like my life, I like colorful stuff, I like interesting things and that’s my personality in so many ways,” she admitted

Having shown support for her fellow model and recent representative to the Miss Universe pageant Maxine Medina, Jessica said she is so proud of her friend. "That’s why I was really cheering for her and I saw so much improvement from her. Unlike before when the way she talked was unsure. Because I think that’s the problem with models because we are so confident on stage but when we have to talk there’s difficulty because we’re not used to it. We only just pose and then walk so this is something new for her but she did a good job. Like in the end, her answer was beautiful. I know her personally so I know she did her best. She evolved so much I can tell. It even gave me goosebumps the way she walked, the way she presented herself it was so different. Like you know she worked hard for the country. We’re so proud of her,” she said.

But unlike Maxine, Jessica said she does not want to become a beauty queen. "I’m definitely not pageant girl. I am very boyish (laughs). They say I’m like a tomboy. I am a girl but I like to do boy stuff (laughs),” she added.