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Commercials that understand our “feels” this Valentine's day

These commercials have become viral as Valentine's Day approaches.


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2/10/2017 8:20 PM
Commercials that understand our “feels” this Valentine's day


These trending commercials gives us all ?feels? this Valentine?s Day.  

1. Jollibee?s Valentine-series

No one understands Filipino drama quite like Pinoy fast food brand Jollibee. The bee sure knows how to tug at our heartstrings. See if you can keep a straight face while watching these commercials. 

The friend-zoned?s worst nightmare:

The torpe?s dream:

WARNING: This will make you cry bucket of tears.

And speaking of bucket, pwede pala lahat thigh part?!

2. Boysen?s three-part Korean drama

Bitten by the K-pop bug? Days ahead of Valentine?s Day, Boysen Paints Philippines surprised viewers with a three-part romance series featuring Korean singer Yohan Hwang and an unidentified Korean actress. Each episode ends with words of wisdom aka hugots.

Episode one:

Who did not get impressed at what Boysen paints can do pala?

Episode two:

Such drama. Much assume.

Episode three:

P.S. Galawang Yohan begins at 0:43. Go for it, bro!

?Ang permacoat, maraming naitatago. Sana tayo, wala na.? 

3. Minola Cooking Oil?s LGBT-themed video 

#LoveWins for cooking oil brand, Minola who acknowledged all kinds of love in their LGBT-themed advertisement.

4. KFC?s ?Best Friends? TVC

Fast food chain KFC earlier released a commercial that celebrates the bond between ?true friends.?

Don?t miss your high school barkada too much.