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Iza Calzado on posting about Imelda Marcos: ‘I don’t think I glorified her in any way’

Iza Calzado admits she received a lot of bashing for posting about Imelda Marcos.


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2/1/2017 7:17 AM
Iza Calzado on posting about Imelda Marcos: ‘I don’t think I glorified her in any way’

020117-IzaCalzado_PUSH.jpgAs one of the country’s ambassadors for World Wild Life Fund Philippines, Iza Calzado admitted it has changed her life by making her more caring with the environment. “Honestly when they signed me up, sabi ko sa kanila, ‘Sigurado ba kayo?’ because I’m not really an environmentalist. But I took it as a opportunity for me to get to know more of the pressing issues concerning the environment which at the end of the day is our one and only home and is something we should really take care of. So today we’re trying to encourage people to help the environment and to help WWF financially to help us with our different projects. We’re also trying to raise awareness for Earth Hour which happens on March 25, Saturday so I’ll see you guys there,” she shared during the WWF Philippines event held last January 31 in Makati city.

After recently receiving flak online for posting a photo of herself attending a costume party as Imelda Marcos on social media, Iza said she wants to put the issue to rest once and for all. “Honestly I’d rather not talk about it. It’s so funny because ang nangyari ganito, I had a blue terno that I wore to the Hanoi Film Festival and I had no other outfit for Tim Yap’s event that was remotely close to a national costume. I didn’t want to spend any more money apart from what I was going to pay for hair and makeup. And then I was borrowing jewelry from my friend. Sabi niya, ‘Sis bakit hindi ka na lang mag-Imelda?’ Sabi ko, ‘Oo nga noh, bakit hindi?’ It’s fun. It was Tim Yap’s birthday, it’s outrageous so you do something that you don’t normally do. It was fun. I went to the party, done, over. I posted it mga two days after the party because I was so busy. And when I posted, I was very careful and I said I channeled Imelda for the night. Sabi ko, ‘Anyway we have the same love for shoes. Yes it may be materialistic of me but I love shoes so sue me.’ You know I worked hard to purchase those things and I do love the terno just like Imelda,” she explained.

Iza also said she was interested in playing the role of Imelda for purely artistic reasons. "I was posting because I didn’t see any malice in it. There’s never any political agendas in my post. I steer away from political posts to be honest. Tapos nag-post ako that I wanted to play her because on the way to the party I was researching and looking for YouTube videos because I wanted to play the part. I was watching her videos and I found her fascinating in a way that she was very interesting to me as an actor. It would be so interesting to play Imelda Marcos and that’s it. She was an interesting character study. I don’t think I glorified her in any way, put her on a pedestal. It was really taken out of context,” she explained.

The WWF Philippines national ambassador said she wants to apologize for those who were offended by her posts. “Somebody told me, ‘Uy take down your post. Hindi mo ba naiisip kung ano yung ginagawa niya sa mga biktima ng martial law?’ Hala ano naman ang kinalaman ko doon? Parang guys, we have to separate things. Tingnan niyo muna yung kontexto ng aking mensaheng pinaparating. Kasalanan ko ba na ang in-emulate ko for that evening was a very beautiful image of Imelda? Kasi Imelda was really an iconic figure. Wala hong kinalaman ito sa pulitika. Let’s say I choose my battles. When the time is right and I want to talk about politics and my beliefs, I will. But I haven’t found the perfect time to do so. It’s not something I want to be involved in. Ako pa talaga yung naipit dito. Pero okay na lang din. Iniintindi ko na lang din yung pinanggagalingan ng iba. Maybe they’re too passionate about their beliefs at the moment. Pero sana intindihin ninyo na nung ako ay nag-post, wala hong malisya at walang masamang intensyon yun. Pero kayo nung binalik niyo sa akin, puro negativity at hate. Punong puno po yun ng malisya. So sino sa atin ang may masamang intensyon? Yung lang ang sa akin. So parang guys, kalma naman tayo. Wala akong gustong saktan doon. Pasensiya kung may nasaktan pero galing sa puso ko wala talaga akong intensyon na masktan ang mga tao,” she said.

After promoting her movie Ilawod and working on her current series, Iza said she looks forward to a lot of things this year. “Honestly my plan is just to work (laughs). I’m so busy with A Love to Last. It’s taking up a lot of my time. I can’t really do a lot of things outside of taping. I may have a movie that I’m part of pero mabilis lang. We’ll see and there’s also a psycho thriller movie of mine coming out in May under the direction of Jerrold Tarog. We finished it a long time ago so abangan niyo. Right now the soap is going well. Hindi pa nila ako nakikita kasi pinapatamis pa natin ang pag-iibigan ni Andeng at saka ni Anton so ako muna ay hindi niyo makikita for a few weeks pero babalik din ako for sure. It’s doing well so maraming salamat mga Kapamilya sa lahat ng tumututok at patuloy nananunuod ng A Love to Last,” she added.

When it comes to tying the knot with longtime boyfriend, British entrepreneur Ben Wintle, the 34-year-old actress said there will be no church bells this year. “Happiness but not marriage yet. To be straight up with you, there are no plans yet. I think this year is still more about work for us. But soon. Maybe next year,” she said.