Netizen reacts to Alex Gonzaga’s commercial

Netizen reacts to Alex Gonzaga’s commercial-Roselle Basbas
Roselle Basbas


12/06/2017 12:25 PM
Netizen reacts to Alex Gonzaga’s commercial
Photo credits to cathygonzaga IG

Twitter user Chesca (@gingerclouds) took to the internet to share some of her strong opinions about a certain commercial featuring actress and TV host Alex Gonzaga.

She posted a tweet on Tuesday evening saying that Alex’s commercial about a skin whitening product “lacks originality.” She even had a few strong words for the actress. 

Alex did not let the tweet go unnoticed and replied via her account (@Mscathygonzaga). She said all are entitled to what they want to do with their skin and having a preference does not mean they are “masama”.

Chesca responded, defending her tweet and saying that Alex might not have understood her.

Alex retweeted part of Chesca’s reply and ended the tension by saying people should know the difference between a marketing campaign and an advocacy. In true Alex Gonzaga quirky fashion, she thanked the netizen for reacting, adding her line in the commercial at the end.