WATCH: 'Deadma Walking' releases hilarious new trailer

Paolo Lim


12/04/2017 08:48 PM
WATCH: 'Deadma Walking' releases hilarious new trailer


The 2017 MMFF comedy entry 'Deadma Walking' featuring Edgar Allan Guzman and Joross Gamboa just released its final trailer!

The film follows the story of John (Joross Gamboa) who asked his friend (Edgar Allan Guzman) to stage a “fake” death, funeral and wake for him after finding out that he only has a few months left to live due to cancer.

With all the hilarious punchlines combined with the dramatic scenes in the trailer, moviegoers will surely be laughing and crying at the same time this Christmas season.

Watch the trailer below:

Co-produced by OctoArts Films and T-Rex Entertainment, Deadma Walking is based on a 2016 Palanca award-winning screenplay of the same name.