EXCLUSIVE: Is Tony Labrusca too busy to have a girlfriend?

The La Luna Sangre actor reveals the qualities he looks for in his ideal girl.


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12/4/2017 2:04 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Is Tony Labrusca too busy to have a girlfriend?

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With his formal entry into showbiz via the popular fantaserye La Luna Sangre, where he plays Kathryn Bernardo’s childhood best friend Jake, Tony Labrusca admits the project is his biggest blessing this year.

“Because it just opened so many doors and I got to work with the most amazing actors and the start of my career is here, in the showbiz world. So it’s just been such a wild ride and I feel like this is just the start and it’s only going to go up,” he told PUSH.

For fans of his role as a courageous werewolf, Tony divulged he will have more exciting scenes in the months ahead. “Don’t forget that Jake is a warrior. He’s one of the strongest wolves out there. He’ll do anything it takes to help Malia succeed in the end so watch his journey and watch out for Jake’s future fighting scenes,” he said.

With a hit show and a commercial with an international fast food chain, Tony admitted it’s not hard for him to get a lot of attention from girls lately.

“Yeah I have, but I try not to focus on that. I try to focus more on my craft and being a better actor. So yes there’s a lot more attention and it’s awesome but I try to focus more on just doing my job,” he said.

Tony revealed it’s simply not in his priority to look for a relationship this year.

“I feel like I need to focus on my family and focus on my career before I start focusing on a girlfriend,” he added.

The 22-year-old model-actor shared that when he does look for a girlfriend she will have to be someone who is very understanding.

“Maybe someone who’s got a lot of patience because I can be hot tempered and who’s very sweet. That’s about it,” he remarked.

Tony is currently deciding on whether to celebrate the holidays in the country or in Hong Kong with his family.